Yearender: Good international coordination a must to combat terrorism

Updated: 2015-12-17 11:19


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The increasing use of Western elements who joined terrorist groups in the Middle East and took part in attacks there and then returned with major tasks in their home countries have been observed as a new trend in the orchestration of often lethal attacks.

"They are IS elements but in the West," Rashwan said. This can be clearly seen from the accuracy of the IS statement after the Paris attacks that declared that eight members carried them out and revealed the exact sites that were targeted and other details.

Meanwhile, zealous preparation and flawless execution have made the attacks hard to detect and prevent.

As shown in the Paris attacks, the number of elements who carried out the operations is not less than 30, which reflects a thorough preparation and execution.

The attacks also reveal great efforts on part of the terrorists to flaunt their power and challenge the authorities as they were targeting the place where the French president was.

Such changes in tactics, which have resulted in more effective implementations of planned attacks, are having a major influence on public mentalities.

In its latest poll, Gallup said that the percentage of Americans who believe it is "very" or "somewhat likely" that acts of terrorism would take place in the country in the next several weeks increased sharply, rising from 45 percent in June to 67 percent.

In a rare Oval Office address to the nation, US President Barack Obama on Dec 6 called the San Bernardino shootings a new phase of terrorism.