Syrian army announces 'humanitarian pause' on Friday

Updated: 2016-11-03 09:01


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High sums of money are requested from civilians who want to leave, said SANA, adding that the rebels permit civilians under 14 and over 55 years old to leave for 300 US dollars per person.

SANA said its claim was based on a leaked statement by the Jaish al-Fateh, explaining the "extortion" process.

It said the group admitted that the money they will be collecting from people will be used to buy weapons and munitions.

Last Friday, at least 12 rebel groups launched a broad offensive on government positions in western Aleppo, engaging in violent battles with the Syrian army and allied fighters.

The battles kept raging as the rebels succeeded to infiltrate some areas, without achieving a breakthrough. But on Monday, the Syrian army responded with a counter-offensive, managing to strip the rebels of some of the areas they had taken in western Aleppo.

The rebels' aim behind the major offensive was to break the government force's siege on eastern Aleppo.

The rebel attempt failed to achieve its goal so far.

The Syrian army has laid siege on rebel-held areas in Aleppo in recent months, urging the rebels to surrender themselves or leave eastern Aleppo to other rebel-held areas in the northwestern province of Idlib.

Observers believe that Aleppo is going to be the decisive battle ground among the fighting groups, and the winner will be the one dictating its conditions to resolve the crisis, as the province contains all the groups that are supported by regional and international powers, with the civilians paying the price for this proxy war.

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