Lifting the veil of feng shui

Editor's Note: Feng shui is considered mysterious. In fact, it is an ancient art widely used to orient buildings in olden times. Many of China's well-known cultural monuments, including Forbidden City in Beijing, were designed using feng shui principles. Feng shui has a profound effect on Chinese society and is widely embraced by the public. This special report will demystify the development of feng shui in today's China.

Lifting the veil of feng shui

Lifting the veil of feng shuiBased on ancient Chinese philosophies, including
Taoism and Yijing, often known in English as I Ching,
The Book of Changes, fengshui was once an
important part of traditional Chinese culture and emphasizes the harmonious coexistence of humans
and their environment...>>

Lifting the veil of feng shui

Lifting the veil of feng shuiFengshui literally "wind and water", dates from China's Warring States Period (475-221 BC). In ancient times,
the practice was also called kanyu, meaning a geomantic omen applied to buildings or land. Traditionally, a feng shui master was consulted before rooms, buildings, settlements and tombs were constructed...>>

Lifting the veil of feng shui

Fengshui compass, which is theprime instrument used by fengshui practitioners of either school, is a saucer-like block of wood within a square base, with at its center a magnetized needle that at one time was mounted in a pool of water.

The central “Heaven Pool” containing the needle is surrounded by at lease five and many concentric rings, each of which is subdivided into meaningful sectors.

Lifting the veil of feng shui

Lifting the veil of feng shui

In Fengshui, there are also four animals connected with the four cardinal points and seasons: the Black Warrior (Xuanwu, part tortoise and snake), symbolizing the north and winter; the Green Dragon (Qinglong), the east and spring; the Red Bird (Zhuque), the south and summer, and the White Tiger (Baihu), the west and autumn. These four animals have been worshiped as deities guarding cities, towns, villages, and dwellings since the time of ancient China...>>

Lifting the veil of feng shui

(People's Daily Online)

Lifting the veil of feng shui

Lifting the veil of feng shui

Wealthy see their Fate linked to feng shui

The ancient art believed to unlock riches, power and control of one's life is now targeting China's newly rich and has become a "must-have" for many high-end individuals...>>

Lifting the veil of feng shui

What the stars foretell

Gong Yulin, a Beijing-based fortune-teller said that
most of his customers are businessmen who want
to guard against potential losses, and are willing to
pay as much as 100,000 yuan ($15,460) for his

Lifting the veil of feng shuiHome-buying factors

Add feng shui to the mix of home-buying factors

Amid high demand from wealthy Chinese for US residential and commercial properties, New York real estate firms are wooing buyers by incorporating feng shui concepts into interior designs...>>

New foothold in booming property market

China's top real estate and home furnishing website,, held a recent online survey among more than 4,000 people and more than 85 percent respondents said they had applied some feng shui practices in their homes...>>

Lifting the veil of feng shuiDesign / architecture

Still casting a long shadow

Pei, the architect of the Bank of China tower in HK, was also forced to abandon a projected fountain that was supposed to feature a stream running out of the main hall after feng shui advocates protested that outflows of water represent loss of fortune...>>

Winemakers use feng shui

Nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy, a new vineyard is using the ancient Chinese art of feng shui to make its wine in harmony with nature - and give it an extra marketing zing...>>

Lifting the veil of feng shuiEconomic scenario

Feng Shui Index provides 'tongue in cheek' option

One of those markets is CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, which on Wednesday published its Feng Shui Index 2013, trying to predict the ups and downs of the Hang Seng Index based on the principles of feng shui, a Chinese practice that is widely believed to be a pseudo-science...>>

Ancient practice may provide outlook for the new year

Economists use economic indicators to make predictions while masters of feng shui ("wind and water") use the eternal art of geomancy. However, their forecasts for the economic scenario of the Year of the Dragon still coincide occasionally...>>

Lifting the veil of feng shuiBurial site

Of tombs, traps and the intrepid

Look(望wàng) means practicing feng shui, or examining the layout of the landscape (according to things like geographical features and cardinal directions) to locate the most auspicious spot where a tomb is likely to be located. ...>>

Picking a burial site is a grave decision

When it comes to grave selection, Feng Shui is increasingly popular among Chinese people, regardless of their status or background because of a long and widely-held belief that a good grave can have an influence on the living and future generations ...>>

Lifting the veil of feng shui
Lifting the veil of feng shui

Discussion: Do you believe in feng shui? >>

Lifting the veil of feng shui

According to feng shui masters, people's luck can be affected by the locations and decorations of buildings, as well as the positioning of furniture and the directions in which certain objects face. Here, we have collected some popular feng shui tips for you to read.

Lifting the veil of feng shui
Put a vase in your home.
In Chinese, a vase's pronunciation resembles 平安, which means safety. Therefore, putting a vase at home or in offices is considered to be good for people's health.

Lifting the veil of feng shui
Do not let mirrors face the bed.
It is considered inauspicious in feng shui if a mirror is facing a bed, no matter which side of the bed it's facing. The mirror will affect people's health and a couple's relationship.

Lifting the veil of feng shui
Do not put a bed under beams in the ceiling.
The beams will make people feel suppressed and do no good to their fortune.

Lifting the veil of feng shui
Do not move house when someone is pregnant in the family.
It is said there is a God living in the home when a woman becomes pregnant. The God protects the baby and if the family moves, the God will be offended and the baby's health will be threatened.

Lifting the veil of feng shui
Put a fish tank in your home.
A fish tank is considered to have the power to bring wealth if put in the right place. Consult a feng shui master before you bring one home.

Lifting the veil of feng shui
Do not live near a road crossing.
Road crossings look like a bow and arrow. The tense shape will gradually affect people's mental health.