Nuclear safety plan may come soon

Updated: 2011-06-24 14:38

By Yin Mingzhe (

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The nuclear safety plan drafted by the National Nuclear Safety Administration is expected to be finished in August and submitted to the State Council, China's Cabinet, for approval, the China Securities Journal reported Friday, citing a relevant insider.

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The insider also revealed that if the plan gets approval, it would come out within the year. And it is expected any proposal for new nuclear plant projects will not be granted in the next two years.

After the nuclear crisis at Fukushima, Japan, the State Council clearly indicated that before the release of a nuclear safety plan, China would suspend approval for the nuclear plants.

An expert from the State Nuclear Power Technology Corp, Shen Wenquan, told the reporter that the draft plan is the foundation for nuclear power development in China in the middle and long term.

He said despite the freezing of new projects, the existing 27 planned nuclear power units, which have an installed capacity of 30.79 million kilowatt (kW), are being built as intended. It is expected that the China's nuclear power installed capacity will reach more than 40 million KW by 2015.


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