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Man gets rail tickets after shedding clothes

Updated: 2011-01-21 13:22

By Jia Xu (

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Man gets rail tickets after shedding clothes
Chen Weiwei, an angry ticket buyer, barged into the director’s office for an explanation after failing to get a ticket at Jinhua Railway Station on Jan 19, 2011. [Photo/CFP]

A furious ticket buyer, who exposed himself at a railway station, has gotten his tickets, the Dongfang Daily reported Friday.

Chen Weiwei, a migrant worker, queued for 14 hours, from Jan 17 to Jan 18, at Jinhua Railway Station in East China’s Zhejiang province, only to find that the tickets he wanted to buy were "unavailable, and sold out". "I was the third one in that long queue," he stressed.

Out of anger, he then took off his clothes and, wearing nothing but his underwear, ran through the railway station and into the office of the on-duty director of Jinhua Railway Station, asking for an explanation.

"Get dressed," was the only response he got from the director. His photo was soon posted on the Internet, attracting hundreds of comments. Some say it’s a normal scene at a Chinese railway station, and some pity him and encourage him to continue challenging railway authorities.

On Jan 20, Chen got five tickets, with the assistance of the railway station.

"I apologize for my bold action the other day, but I have to go back home with my wife to help her give birth to our new baby," Chen explained Friday.

An expert from Zhejiang Social Science Academy said, "For special emergency cases, railway stations should be praised for providing assistance through proper means."



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