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CPC to enhance ties with Australian Labor Party

Updated: 2011-01-25 08:47


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BEIJING - The Communist Party of China (CPC) hopes to beef up its friendly ties with the Australian Labor Party (ALP) through enhanced exchange and dialogue between young politicians, a senior CPC official said Monday.

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Li Yuanchao, head of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, made the remarks while meeting with a delegation of young ALP figures led by ALP National Secretary Karl Bitar.

Speaking positively of China-Australia relations, Li said strengthening contacts between the two parties' young political figures will help promote the long-term and stable development of all-round cooperative bilateral ties.

He told Bitar China will stick to a peaceful road and hopes to build a harmonious world with other countries.

In response, Bitar said the two economies are highly compatible and that his country regards China's development as an opportunity.

The ALP attaches great importance to its relations with the CPC and will continue to promote bilateral exchange and cooperation in various areas, he added.


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