Sailing to Xisha Islands

Updated: 2016-06-10 07:51

By LI XIAOKUN(China Daily)

Sailing to Xisha Islands

The lush foliage on Zhaoshu Island is set off by the aqua of the surrounding ocean. CHINA DAILY

A marine affairs officer pointed out to me "how quickly clouds move here"-so there is not much rain on the island. In its darkest corner meteors can be seen slashing the night sky about every 10 minutes.

For three hours from midday we had to take shelter from the scorching sun. But as the sun set as we strolled along the harbor accompanied by a warm southerly breeze beside the crystal-clear seawater dotted with rocks, we chatted without a care in the world as the sun surrendered its glare and consumed for another day by the sea.

Approaching vessels, waiting to enter the harbor turned their lights on, providing us with a fairytale vista as if the nighttime ocean was decorated just for us.

It was impossible, with the dark vast sea stretching to infinity, and the waves serenading us as they crashed onto the rocks, not to be a peace.