Sailing to Xisha Islands

Updated: 2016-06-10 07:51

By LI XIAOKUN(China Daily)

Sailing to Xisha Islands

The city government of Sansha is located on Yongxing Island. CHINA DAILY

The notice said it is not allowed to walk with bare feet or flimsy shoes on Yagong Island. Covering a tiny area of just 0.01 sq km, it has no earth or sand, but just dead coral reefs and shells. Tourists can dine at a traditional fishermen's cafe to relish boiled fresh sea cucumbers, trumpet tritons and grouper that just seem to melt in contact with the mouth.

The fee for the trip ranges from 3,230 yuan ($491) to 20,150 in June.

The ship can accommodate 300 passengers on four to five trips every month. It takes 13 hours to arrive at the Xisha Islands from Sanya.

Tourists will have a new choice in July, with a larger cruise ship from Sanya to the Xisha Islands set to start operating.