Rape victims choose silence lest stigma

2011-04-18 17:21:53

Most of the 116 women who were raped by a farmer over 17 years in East China's Anhui chose bitter silence, rather than justice, for fear of losing face, media reported.

Rural school's MJ dance becomes Internet hit

2011-04-18 14:07:51

A video appearing to show more than 700 primary school children dancing to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" at a rural school in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has taken the web by storm.

App gives Net users a unique insight

2011-04-18 08:21:32

Thanks to a test-run of new media platforms, China's 457 million Internet users can now keep tabs on government agencies.

Alleged killer of 10 blames wife's father

2011-04-18 08:10:27

Suspect Zhou Yuxin said his father-in-law had refused to lend him money and that, coupled with suspicions about his wife's fidelity, triggered his killing spree that claims ten lives.

Romance courses touch off heated controversy

2011-04-17 17:18:57

Can romance be taught? Is falling in love so important that it has to be included in courses in universities?

'Tiger Moms' popular in China

2011-04-15 07:33:24

The strict parenting style advocated by Amy Chua, the Yale law professor, in her latest book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, is still popular in the country today, according to a recent survey.

Food makers short-handed on Japan's surging orders

2011-04-14 18:58:25

China's food producers are receiving surging orders from Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hurt the agricultural sector of Japan and the ensuing nuclear radiation raised consumers' concerns about the safety of home-grown products.

The ABCs of birds and bees

2011-04-13 09:31:53

Recent exposure in the media has lightened a Chinese professor's hope for the future of sexology in the country. More than 4 million entries about him and his postgraduate can now be found on Google.

Classroom clowns are now online sensations

2011-04-11 10:15:56

Two college students in Hangzhou have become online superstars after a photo of them in a classroom became an online hit.

Milk poisoning confirmed as intentional

2011-04-10 21:51:47

Milk poisoning that left three children dead and 36 people sickened in northwest China has been confirmed as an intentional food poisoning case.

Tighter supervision over animal products

2011-04-10 19:34:16

China vows to intensify supervision on quality and safety of animal products in the wake of pork contamination scandal, said Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) on Sunday.

Man arrested over stabbings against women

2011-04-08 15:26:18

A man has been arrested over a series of stabbings involving young women in a case that sparked a wave of panic across the country, Shandong Business Daily reported.