Push for a 'ministry of children' gathers steam

2011-03-03 07:38:39

The problems faced by homeless children and defects in the current system that is supposed to protect the vulnerable group were discussed on Wednesday at the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

HK's Tsang injured by protester's push

2011-03-02 12:53:19

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang was slightly injured in the chest after being pushed by a protester from the League of Social Democrats, Hong Kong media reported.

Plan to monitor online games raises doubts

2011-03-01 08:34:08

Observers have raised doubts about the complexity and effectiveness of a guardian project enabling parents to monitor their children's playing of online games.

Man founding rescue center for young beggars

2011-03-01 08:26:35

The initiator of a campaign to prevent children from begging plans to set up a nursing institution in Baoding city, North China's Hebei province, in cooperation with the local branch of the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC).

Doubts linger over formula

2011-03-01 08:13:38

A recent survey found some 70% of Beijing residents are reluctant to buy domestically produced infant formula because of food safety concerns.

China withdraws 1,115 more evacuees from Malta

2011-03-01 06:41:51

Four chartered planes of China Eastern Airlines left Malta Monday, taking home 1,115 Chinese nationals evacuated from Libya.

Minister axed by NPC after discipline claims

2011-02-26 06:48:30

Liu Zhijun was formally dismissed from his post as Minister of Railways. The decision by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress comes just weeks after it was announced the 58-year-old is under investigation for "severe discipline violations".

Budget for Asian Games on the way, says city official

2011-02-25 07:00:53

Finance authorities in this southern city said they will unveil an official breakdown of the spending on the Asian Games at an appropriate time after criticism from local legislators who are claiming the sporting spectacle left the city in a huge hole.

Villa reopens under ongoing doubts

2011-02-24 07:19:32

A once well-known luxury villa floating on the sea near Shenzhen will reopen soon as a fishing business, even though it was only recently scheduled to be demolished following revelations that the developer of the project had not obtained required licensing.

150,000 cell phone users bugged in China

2011-02-23 16:46:40

A new mobile phone virus, named X Undercover has been discovered to have infected 150,000 people in China allowing hackers to remotely monitor calls.

Workers still seeking redress from Apple

2011-02-23 06:47:31

Agitated Chinese workers suffering from a chemical poisoning at one of Apple Inc's supplier factories felt a sense of relief when the US company started to take action to remedy defects in its supply chain.

Swap sites for unwanted gifts growing

2011-02-22 07:50:10

Exchanging unwanted gifts given over the Spring Festival for more useful items can be big business for netizens who have been scouring online swap sites over the past few weeks.