Renowned agricultural reformer Du Runsheng dies at 102


Parade tells Houston of honor
  • Leading aircraft manufacturer poised to export new fighter jet

    Aviation Industry Corp of China discloses the technical specifications of the J-31 Gyrfalcon in order to impress potential buyers, say industry sources.

  • China military says senior officer probed

    Miao Guirong, former chief engineer of the communications command department of the Chinese People's Armed Police, has been probed for suspected "serious discipline violations", said the Central Military Commission on Tuesday.

  • Art show from legendary school joins chorus of commemoration

    In the global wave of commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a fabled art school in China has joined the international chorus by helping to tell stories about how Chinese people made great contributions and sacrificed on Asia Pacific battlefields.


China launches commercial remote-sensing satellites
  • Satellites aim to track civil aircraft and ships

    China has successfully launched three cube satellites, or CubeSats, that are expected to help track civil aircraft and ships to avoid tragedies like the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

  • Technology has impact on charitable giving

    The ubiquitous spread of mobile Internet technology, including online banking and social media apps, is reshaping the philanthropic sector in China. While the public's enthusiasm to donate has been greatly boosted, whether charitable money flows to the right place remains a question.

  • Nobel Prize no yardstick for China's academician system

    No doubt the existing academician system is far from perfect, but it will be wrong to consider Tu's award as a slap in the face to the system.

60th Anniversary of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region

Glimpses of Tibet: Plateaus, people and faith

Win up to 1,000 yuan with essays about Tibet or Xinjiang

Hi expats, chinadaily.com.cn is organizing an essay contest and jackpot. Foreign readers are welcome to write about their personal experience in Xinjiang or Tibet and submit questions about the two regions.

Frozen assets may not beat the biological clock

An increasing number of Chinese women are choosing to have children later in life, but experts are warning that postponing pregnancy can lead to a host of problems and are urging potential mothers to think carefully before opting for techniques such as egg freezing.

China, US set ties 'in right direction'

China and US should push forward the healthy and stable development of ties by implementing the consensus reached during President Xi's state visit.

4-year-old boy killed after being stuck in metro escalator

The subway operator who owns the escalator said a woman left both the boy and a three-year-old girl unattended when the incident happened.

Nobel laureate Tu calls discovery 'lifesaving' TCM gift

Tu Youyou, China's first Nobel laureate for medicine, described her discovery of the anti-malaria treatment artemisinin as Western medicine inspired by long-established knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine.

Forbidden City widens its reach to the public to mark anniversary

Four new areas of the Palace Museum, or the Forbidden City, are open to the public for the first time since the museum was founded 90 years ago.


Dancing to the beat after work
  • War prisoner documentary reveals insights from WWII

    "Under Bayonets and Barbed Wire" is a US-China co-production documentary directed by Shen Haofang, who directed "The Happy Life of Talkative Zhang Damin" as well as "Ren Changxia," in collaboration with predominant American sound effects editor Richard L. Anderson known for his involvement in the Indiana Jones series and "The Lion King".

  • Century-old warship found on seabed

    Archaeologists announced that the sunken warship known as Dandong No 1 was tentatively identified on Thursday as the cruiser Zhiyuan of the Beiyang Fleet at Dandong, Liaoning province.

  • Businessman aims to 'translate' TCM to the world

    Under the Belt & Road Initiative, central and local governments will introduce supportive policies for TCM to go abroad, which inspires many businessmen.

  • Over 130,000 people in Guangxi evacuated after Typhoon Mujigae

    At least 135,100 people in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south China, have been evacuated due to Typhoon Mujigae, the regional department of civil affairs said on Thursday.

  • Hit-and-run luxury car driver detained in Beijing

    Beijing police have detained a hit-and-run driver whose Lamborghini car knocked into eight vehicles and injured one person while speeding on a downtown street early Tuesday.


Ex-HK chief executive in court on misconduct charges

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Movies Midas touch

China's box-office chart has seen new records set frequently in recent months. The latest big high-this year's first three-quarters raking in more money than all of 2014-has sparked predictions that 2015 will roar all the way to 40 billion yuan ($6.25 billion).

Taking the sting out of pet deaths .