Parade in Beijing will 'surprise'


Female anti-drug soldier Zhang Liu


China-designed train will replace older, foreign models

Win up to 1,000 yuan with essays about Tibet or Xinjiang

Hi expats, chinadaily.com.cn is organizing an essay contest and jackpot. Foreign readers are welcome to write about their personal experience in Xinjiang or Tibet and submit questions about the two regions.

Animal farms used to predict earthquakes

The seismological bureau in Nanjing has transformed seven animal farms into seismic stations, believing that closely monitoring the behavior of certain creatures can help forecast earthquakes.

Uygur family saves Han orphan

The story of an ethnic Han girl and a Uygur family shows that love can transcend ethnicity.

Young couples divorcing more than other groups in China

Divorce rate in China increased by 3.9% in 2014 over the previous year, with 3.63 million couples going their separate ways, a trend that has been on up for 12 years.

Four dead, 48 injured as earthquke hits Xinjiang

Four people have been confirmed dead and 48 others injured in a magnitude 6.5 earthquake that struck northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Friday morning.

18-hour fast does not stop Uygur man working in Kashgar

It is the Muslim holy month of Ramadan -- a season of fasting and spiritual reflection. Omar Ali, 44, gets up at 5:30 am, just before dawn, to take the only food and drink he will have all day until the sun goes down.

City to issue work visas for top talent

Shanghai is to issue visas on arrival to high-level foreign workers and those bringing entrepreneurial skills to the city to attract top talent for its mission to become a global center of scientific and technological innovation.

China issues catastrophe bond overseas for first time

China Reinsurance (Group) Corp. (China Re) said Thursday it had successfully issued a catastrophe bond on the international market, becoming the first Chinese company to do so.


Silk Road adventures no longer mean roughing it


Return to motherland: Hong Kong's reunification

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'Sponge City' program set to soak up urban floodwater

'Sponge City' program set to soak up urban floodwater Summer floods are an annual curse for many cities across China, but especially in the south. Now, new measures are being introduced to reduce loss of life and the economic damage caused by flooding.

High-speed rail keeps Guangxi growth on track