Lowdown on fugitive officials


PLA teams win over hearts
  • PLA to buy advanced missiles from Russia

    The deployment of the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile system will substantially improve China's air defense capability, military experts said as Russian media reported that China has bought the cutting-edge weapon.

  • Russia honors Chinese veterans from WWII

    Fifty-three Chinese who lived and worked near Moscow during World War II were honored at a medal ceremony at the Russian embassy in Beijing.

  • Last military group heads to S. Sudan

    About 380 more Chinese soldiers will join United Nations peacekeeping missions, bringing the total to nearly 3,100 by the end of this year, the military official overseeing the deployments said.


Beidou satellite extends its reach to global data

A post-95's Google dream

Bright, technologically-savvy and naturally collaborative, Shang is a good representative of urban Chinese youth born after 1995.

Shopping through the ages

New digital technology has upended traditional business models. Buying a book, a new pair of shoes or even getting a massage is now a world apart from what it used to be.

Now and then: Chinese miners

In the last 30 years, conditions for Chinese miners have greatly improved, from work safety, working conditions to leisure, as younger, better-educated miners enter the mines.

High-speed rail revolution

In the six years since China opened its first high-speed rail line, total mileage of the network has equaled the sum of the rest of the world.

Beijing's PM2.5 density drops significantly

Beijing's average PM2.5 density dropped significantly in the first quarter, thanks to the capital's continuous air pollution control efforts.

Food safety experts urge more honesty

Food safety issues have undermined customer confidence in China in recent years, and even though conditions have improved.

'Strip shows' in rural areas to be punished

Organizers of strip shows in rural areas will be severely punished in a campaign announced by the Ministry of Culture on Thursday to curtail the illegal performances.

Draft law outlines NGO requirements

Legislators are mulling a draft law that would set dos and don'ts for foreign nongovernmental organizations.


Ten photos you don't wanna miss


Handover blues

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Chicken-blood jade dealers feather nests

Like many of his fellow villagers in the mountain township of Sanmen, Zhou Yunyao used to migrate to bigger cities to undertake a range of jobs, such as vehicle maintenance, to raise his standard of living.

Chicken-blood jade dealers feather nests