Chinese premier meets Mozambican president


China to launch world's first quantum satellite in July

O2O app helps upgrade recycling in China

A new O2O application has shown its potential to help build a circular economy with more recycling, but obstacles remain for the recycling industry to innovate.

International status is rising

China's global status rose last year, and the Sino-Russia relationship was "satisfactory", according to a majority of participants in a recent survey.

Smart healthcare changes Chinese lives

Internet-based healthcare, as a new branch of the industry from traditional hospitals, has become an emerging trend in China in recent years.

Tide of remembrance for forgotten sailors

At Pier Head in the port of Liverpool in the United Kingdom stands a black marble plaque that looks out over the Atlantic Ocean.

End excess capacity and boost quality, Li tells SOEs

Premier Li Keqiang urged State-owned enterprises to remove excess production capacity and increase quality during a visit to Hubei.

Tower, stone witness China's sovereignty

They still stand. Weathered and baked by the sun, certainly, but they stand as icons of defiance. When people visit China's Yongxing Island in the South China Sea for the first time, residents proudly point out these symbols of China's sovereignty: a three-story gun tower and a 1-meter-tall stone with red lettering that marks the return of the island to Chinese sovereignty after the war against occupying Japanese forces.

Hospitals cut back on antibiotic use

The use of antibiotics in Chinese hospitals has dropped by 40 percent since the top health authority began to curb their overuse, said a senior expert.

Baidu to shut down online forum to fight piracy

Baidu said Monday that it will gradually close its online literature forum over concerns of piracy.


Ozone overtakes PM2.5 as the top pollutant in Beijing


Overseas media, experts voice worries over Tsai Ing-wen's equivocation

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Bringing life back to Qukou

I met a 50-something farmer who had injured his left leg while working in a factory in a different province as a migrant worker.

Tree-planting project cleans Yangtze's branches