Police chief who led inquiry that saw teen wrongly executed under investigation


PLA submariners defy death in the depths
  • PLA to get tough on low-flying private aircraft

    The People's Liberation Army has pledged to tighten controls on civilian drones and private aircraft, saying unapproved flights pose a severe threat to airlines and national security.

  • President Xi sends graft warning to military

    President Xi Jinping has called on the military to learn lessons from the corruption case involving Xu Caihou, former vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission.

  • Xi vows military boost

    China will accelerate development of a military equipment system to build a modern army and support national security, according to President Xi Jinping.


China's glaciers shrink by 18 pct in half century

Using the present to preserve the past

Enthusiastic amateurs are using modern tools, such as social networks and digital publishing, to help save endangered cultural sites and forgotten art forms.

Balloon goes up after idea for an ad fails

Niko Edwards and Green D - both aliases used on the Internet - had long dreamed of taking a look at Earth from above, like many teenagers.

China's faltering steps on family foster care

New regulations on family foster care in China take effect on Monday, allowing each foster family to take in a maximum of two children.

PLA targets corruption

The Chinese military is beefing up supervision to fight corruption in its ranks with detailed regulations, which is said to be crucial in preventing graft crimes.

Sexologist's LGBT admission earns praise

Li Yinhe, a celebrity sexologist who revealed she has a transsexual life partner got online support, showing China's more open attitude to LGBT groups.

China cancer map is fake: experts

A map that shows the most prevalent types of cancer by province in China has gone viral on the Internet, but health experts say it is fake.

Pilot gets 3 years for China crash that killed 44

A Chinese court on Friday sentenced an airplane captain to three years in prison after 44 people died when his plane crashed more than four years ago.

China publishes guideline to help philanthropy

Charitable donations in China will become tax deductible, according to a guideline released by the central government on Thursday.


Nuns in a Tibet temple
  • China cancer map is fake: experts

    A map that shows the most prevalent types of cancer by province in China has gone viral on the Internet, but health experts say it is fake.

  • More Chinese teenagers to study in US

    Chinese teenagers studying in the United States has increased more than 60 times during the past decade, with experts believing the boom will continue into the future, a new study showed on Thursday.

  • Meteorite madness in an alien landscape

    As the market grows in China, a dedicated band of professionals are risking life and limb searching for extraterrestrial material in the deserts of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

  • New US study fellowship announced

    China and the United States launched a new fellowship initiative on Wednesday to help mid-career US professionals study in China.

  • Chinese petitioners to evaluate grievances handling

    Petitioners in China now have the chance to evaluate how their complaint was handled following the publication of a new guideline on Thursday.


Police start clearance in HK's last protest zone

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The turning of the year

The winter solstice, which marks the shortest day and the longest night, is a time of celebration as the seasons change and winter begins to ebb.

AVIC takes aim at the overseas market