Balance seen as vital for 'blue economy'
  • Innovation 'essential for maritime collaboration'

    A new wave of international cooperation, with an emphasis on innovation and boosting the blue economy to better utilize resources, is the focus of maritime authorities, a leading specialist said.

  • Nation welcomes marine partners

    China is forging durable partnerships with APEC economies amid a rising tide of maritime international cooperation set for 2015.

  • Imprisoned recruiter for extremist group voices regrets

    Gulaman Abudula, 34, said she now is sorry now for leading many women in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region into an illegal religious extremist group because their families might be destroyed, just as hers was.

  • Seminar honors martyrs who saved Xinjiang

    Sixty-five years after their deaths, five martyrs who foiled an attempt to separate part of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region from China were honored on Wednesday.

  • Ties with Vietnam to be put back on track

    China and Vietnam sent a clear signal on Wednesday that strained relations will be repaired and maritime tensions brought under control, after a special envoy from Hanoi visited Beijing.


18th convoy fleet executes escort mission in Gulf of Aden
  • President Xi bestows military honors

    Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed an order of commendation to honor the crew of the first aircraft carrier-based fighter jet.

  • Joint military drill to hone anti-terror capacity

    The arrival of a Tupelov Tu-134 aircraft with 39 officers from Kazakhstan on Sunday brought to more than 7,000 the number of troops from five Shanghai Cooperation Organization nations participating in Peace Mission-2014.

  • Military to minimize flight delays during drill

    Chinese military will take steps to minimize delays to civilian flights as drones and fighter bombers join in an anti-terror drill, a spokesman for the China Air Force said Monday.


Vibrant capital boosts science popularization for young, old
  • Microsoft 'not fully open with sales data'

    A Chinese antitrust regulator said on Tuesday that Microsoft Corp has not been fully transparent with its sales data on the software it distributes in China, including information on sales of its media player and web browser software.

  • China makes progress in brain-computer interface study

    Chinese scientists have made progress in brain-computer interface research after a successful experiment on an epilepsy patient.

  • Tech firms pushing portable Wi-Fi

    Technology companies are looking hard at the promising portable Wi-Fi services market to meet the high-speed Internet demands of increasing numbers of Chinese heading outside the mainland and overseas.

Chinese military becoming more transparent?

To mark this year's Army Day, we focus on China's efforts to make the military more transparent.

Former security chief under probe

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has decided to place Zhou Yongkang under investigation for suspected "serious disciplinary violation".

China Cracks Down on Graft

An unprecedented number of high-level officials have been investigated across China during the government's anti-corruption campaign.

China helps fight international war on drugs

Xi urges innovation in 'new military revolution'

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for more innovation in the country's military as the world is witnessing a "new military revolution".

Foxconn plant to employ 20,000

Technology giant Foxconn's plant in Shanxi province has launched a massive recruitment drive for an additional 20,000 workers to meet orders for next-generation smartphones.

'Mirror' perfect fit for shoppers

The system makes suggestions by matching users and garments by size and skin tone. Users can change the clothes on their visual figures displayed on the screen by hitting a button on the screen.

Foreign marriage disputes increase

Courts are facing an increasing number of family dispute cases involving non-Chinese partners, and an awareness of foreign laws is becoming essential for Chinese residents marrying foreigners.


Nation urged to act onWHO call to curtail e-cigarettes
  • Keep the revolutionary fire burning, Chinese youths told

    Chinese youths have been urged to carry forward the red revolutionary spirit and keep the tradition alive since it is a hallmark of China’s pride and also its driving force.

  • SW China landslide death toll rises to 6

    At least six people were killed and 21 remained missing as of Thursday morning after a landslide struck a village in southwest China's Guizhou province on Wednesday night.

  • Tianjin's deputy mayor named Guangzhou's new Party chief

    The central government recently appointed Tianjin Deputy Mayor Ren Xuefeng as a member of the standing committee of the Guangdong provincial Party committee and Party chief of Guangzhou, the provincial capital, the Guangdong Party Organization Department said on Wednesday.

  • Court chief gives open-door promise to foreign visitors

    Chinese courts will be open regularly to foreigners, enabling them to listen to cases and share opinions on judicial work, the president of the nation's top court promised on Wednesday

  • Tsinghua welcomes new freshman class

    Fu Haoyue finally became a registered freshman at Tsinghua University on Wednesday, starting college life in one of China's most prestigious universities with her twin sister.


Lawmakers stress Basic Law in HK electoral reform
  • NPC to deliberate on HK suffrage

    A draft decision on the granting of universal suffrage in Hong Kong will be submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, for deliberation before its bimonthly session closes on Sunday, according to a statement issued on Wednesday.

  • HK to screen blood donors to prevent Ebola

    The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) announced Wednesday that it will defer blood donation by those who have lived in or visited countries with Ebola virus outbreak.

  • HK to commemorate war victory, Nanjing Massacre

    Hong Kong is to start holding annual ceremonies to commemorate the Chinese people's victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, the special administrative region's goverment announced on Tuesday.

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