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Charming house of tapas

Updated: 2013-11-23 11:25
By Donna Mah ( China Daily)

Charming house of tapas

The dish of grilled iberico pork meat cut with spicy chestnut puree on Casa de Tapas' menu is recommended.

Casa de Tapas serves a decent selection of both hot and cold tapas. Highlights include the Octopus, Potato and Paprika, sous-vide Mediterranean octopus which contained a lot of what chef Alfredo referred to as "jelly", white potato simmered in olive oil, and seasoned with a blend of smoked paprika powders; the Prawn Tartar - fresh raw prawns tartar which are "cooked" in lemon juice and served with a healthy drizzle of extra virgin olive oil; and the Potatoes Bravas - a traditional Spanish fried potato dish filled with spicy paprika sauce and topped with apple mayonnaise.

We were also treated to the Asparagus and Orange Salad made with thinly sliced white asparagus, cooked white asparagus, fresh orange chunks, and topped with a generous helping of Manchego cheese.

Charming house of tapas

We managed to sample a good variety of dishes with a couple of wonderfully delicious soups: Almond and Octopus soup, and Gazpacho. For a lighter main dish, the Egg, Vegetables and Iberico Ham is a low-temperature cooked egg with potato crisp, ham, fresh peas, baby green beans and grilled asparagus.

However, the stars were the heavier meat main dishes. The Chicken Marbre is like a beautifully layered lasagne made using thin slices of chicken instead of pasta, and roasted onion and liver replacing the meat sauce and cheese.

If you don't like liver you won't like this dish, but I enjoyed this rich, savory meal. The suckling pig is cooked sous-vide and then roasted so the meat was very tender with crispy skin on the outside.

For those who want to have iberico pork, the iberico pork meat cut is grilled on an outdoor grill and served with a spicy chestnut puree.

The traditional Paella de Marisco made with a good assortment of fresh seafood and saffron-scented rice is the perfect complement to the meat dishes.

Charming house of tapas

Charming house of tapas

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