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One man's good earth

Updated: 2013-12-20 07:39
By Fan Zhen ( China Daily)

One man's good earth

Harvest at Wubo Garden [Photo provided to China Daily]

Lin also organizes interactive activities, such as field practice for parents and farming classes for children.

"I hope they can enjoy the natural way of farming as much as I do and can understand why some problems remain unsolved. I also invite other organic farmers to come over all the time. They give me some really useful advice."

Every Saturday morning, before dawn arrives, Lin gets up and prepares for another day, be it a day at the fair or a day on his farm. He feels happy and believes his happiness somehow can travel from his food to his family, friends and clients.

Already he has a steady group of regular customers who swear by his chickens, eggs and pumpkins. Tiring as it can be sometimes, Lin feels "it's just worth it".


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