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People in Asia getting ready for the coming holiday

Updated: 2014-01-28 14:12

Besides China, many other Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year. CCTV reporter Hu Chuqiao tells us how people in South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore are getting prepared for the holiday.

In Seoul, housewives are all out, picking out goods for use, especially food, during their Lunar New Year's Day, also known as Seoll-Nal.

Markets are jammed with shoppers, in spite of the chilly weather.

"The bigger the chestnuts, the better!" A shopper said.

In supermarkets, people are coming for New Year's gifts to give to others. Health tonics and dry foods in delicate packages are on top of their shopping list.

In Vietnam, a special activity is being held in Hanoi, as Vietnamese usher in their Tet Lunar New Year.

According to their tradition, people plant trees to drive away evil spirits. Lime powder is spread for good luck.

"My prayer says: this is the land that god grants us, and we wish for peace on this land." Said a martial artist.

Lion and dragon dances are performed during the festival. People can also enjoy various snacks at the markets.

In Singapore, the streets are crowded with shoppers. Chinatown is decorated for the Chinese New Year. People are setting out for the last weekend before the holiday.