Sun Li in 'The Lost Bladesman'

Updated: 2011-01-20 11:09


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Sun Li in 'The Lost Bladesman'
Actress Sun Li in the film "The Lost Bladesman" [Photo: CFP]

Actress Sun Li says her character in the upcoming martial-arts film "The Lost Bladesman" ("Guan Yunchang") is like glue between the male leads in the film.

"The Lost Bladesman" is about general Guan Yu, also known as Yunchang, who tries to escape the wide ranging power of warlord Cao Cao to return to Liu Bei.

Historical documents show that around the 3rd century Guan Yu, Cao Cao and Liu Bei did exist. But Sun Li's role, named Qi Lan, is fictitious, according to

"Qi Lan has an inexplicable relationship with Guan Yu," Sun Li told about her role. "She is like glue between Guan Yu, Cao Cao and Liu Bei."

Sun Li also praised her co-star, Donnie Yen, who plays Guan Yu. "Everybody talks about him as the king of kung fu. But I think he is as good in non-action scenes." The two worked together in the 2008 fantasy film "Painted Skin" ("Hua Pi").

"The Lost Bladesman" features Jiang Wen as Cao Cao, and Alex Fong Chung-Sun as Liu Bei.

It is slated for release within the year.


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