Still among the best

Updated: 2011-01-24 09:36

(China Daily)

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Still among the best

Maison Boulud once again proved why it is considered one of the best both in terms of quality and service, at a recent lunch for media, that saw owner Daniel Boulud come down to Beijing to organize this special event.

Food critics were introduced to a fantastic Champagne by Deutz, with the Maison Boulud mark on it. Among the canapes, avocado wrapped Dungeness crab and foie gras sandwich with Armagnac prunes were exceptionally good.

Some of the dishes were from the menu, while others were improvised by chef Boulud. Three Little Fish had mackerel au Vin Blanc, bread crusted sardines, and Moroccan spiced tuna belle. The fish were all very good, but the cube of tuna was extraordinary.

There was also ultra-soft Boston lobster, cushioned by fresh Brussels sprouts, served with porcini mushroom on the side. While poached organic egg may not sound very exciting, it made an interesting combination with freshly shaved black truffles, with endive-duck confit marmalade on the side.

A highlight of the lunch was Chef Boulud's heritage squash, a half pumpkin stuffed with cheese, and a roast pork, both very traditional French specialties. The heritage squash was an outright winner, while the pork, though succulent, was not greasy.

The dark chocolate and coffee opera for dessert was clearly made with high-quality ingredients.

The service was the best I've experienced in Beijing. All the dishes we had were properly paired with very good wines.


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