Teaching English made easy

Updated: 2011-09-21 07:54

(China Daily)

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Comment on "A hard lesson for migrant workers" (China Daily, Sept 8)

This is sad news for migrant workers and their children. But I think it may be an opportunity, too. I hope something could be worked out to allow the children to learn like others.

The financial crisis has rendered many people, including teachers, jobless in the United Kingdom, Ireland and other European countries.

International internship for students and teaching English in China is big business and can be expensive.

But if a program is worked out to invite the unemployed teachers in the UK and Ireland to teach English as one of subjects in Chinese schools then the cost could be cut substantially for everybody, and Chinese students, especially the migrant workers' children in Shanghai, can benefit from it.

This could be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Owen Hughes, on China Daily website

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(China Daily 09/21/2011 page9)