Nepalis wait for quake help as death toll passes 4,000

2015-04-28 10:37:28

Tens of thousands stricken by the weekend's devastating earthquake in Nepal expressed frustration at the government's slow response to the crisis as death toll has climbed to 4,264 people.

New US-Japan defense guidelines inject instability in East Asia

2015-04-28 11:03:00

By unveiling the new US-Japan defense guidelines, Washington has simply signed a Faustian pact with a Tokyo that has a knack of alienating its neighbors and creating instability in East Asia.

iPhone sales in China surge, boost Apple's profits

2015-04-28 07:44:24

Helped by strong sales of the iPhone, revenues in China rose 71 percent to $16.8 billion, making it the biggest market behind the US.

61 suspects back home to be tried

2015-04-28 07:12:02

Chinese prosecutors have brought back 61 suspects accused of corruption from 20 countries and regions, the top prosecution body said on Monday.

Chinese, Koreans seek Japan apology

2015-04-27 11:21:09

Chinese-American and Korean-American activists in the San Francisco Bay Area are demanding a formal apology from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his country's actions during the World War II era.

China rescue team starts work

2015-04-27 05:11:24

The first rescue team sent by China arrived in Nepal on Sunday at the scene of the devastating earthquake that has killed more than 2,000 people.

Three US citizens among dead in avalanche after Nepal quake

2015-04-27 11:00:35

Three Americans died in a massive avalanche triggered by the devastating Nepal earthquake, including a medic and a filmmaker who were at a base camp for Mount Qomolangma climbers.

Chinese rally across US to support NYC police officer under indictment

2015-04-27 09:43:46

Advocacy groups rallied on both coasts on Sunday afternoon to support indicted Chinese-American New York Police Officer Peter Liang ahead of his scheduled court appearance on May 14.

New publication will focus on China's energy industry

2015-04-27 05:11:36

To provide a window on the industry that makes China the world's largest consumer and producer of energy, the Chinese think tank China Energy Fund Committee launched CEFC China Energy Journal, the first English-language publication devoted to the country's energy industry.

Abe's US trip: sense or sensibility?

2015-04-26 16:02:24

Sensibility is enticing, but when it comes to national and international interests, a wise man always chooses sense over sensibility, and pragmatism over Micawberism.

China to overtake US in mobile gaming market

2015-04-27 13:51:11

With estimated annual revenue of $7.7 billion in 2016, China will likely surpass the US to become the world's largest mobile gaming market.

Nearly 2,500 confirmed dead in Nepal quake

2015-04-27 04:50:15

Nepal authorities said Sunday that more than 2,430 people died in the country one day after a massive earthquake struck the impoverished Himalayan nation.

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