Chinese premier arrives in Chile for official visit

2015-05-25 03:09:46

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived here Sunday for an official visit to Chile, the first South American country with which China forged diplomatic ties and also the first Latin American nation with which China signed a free trade agreement.

John Nash: A life of great struggle and even greater success

2015-05-25 09:37:13

Born to an electrical engineer, and later a precocious and dashing young man who attained an Ivy League education, John Nash seemed destined for a life of stunning success.

Cleveland police say 71 people arrested overnight in protests

2015-05-25 09:15:19

Some 71 people were arrested in Cleveland overnight during protests that flared after a police officer was found not guilty in the shooting deaths of an unarmed black man and a woman following a high-speed car chase in 2012.

US charges a reflection of 'anxiety'

2015-05-25 07:37:36

Accusations against scientists and researchers with Chinese background show the United States' concern over China's rising capability.

Expansion of free trade possible on Chile visit

2015-05-25 04:07:49

With Premier Li Keqiang set to begin his trip to Chile, the prospect of upgrading the free trade agreement to cover more products and tax cuts is something senior officials are looking for.

Chilean president sees promising prospects for relations with China

2015-05-24 14:28:16

Chile and China have enjoyed a positive and fruitful relationship and bilateral ties will develop well in the future, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has said.

Mathematician John Nash killed in car crash

2015-05-25 00:43:19

Mathematician John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner whose longtime struggle with mental illness inspired the movie "A Beautiful Mind", was killed in a car crash along with his wife in New Jersey, state police said on Sunday.

Chinese premier encourages firms to upgrade cooperation with Peru

2015-05-24 16:25:26

Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang encouraged Chinese-funded enterprises Saturday to push forward the transformation and upgrading of China-Peru economic and trade relations through production capacity cooperation.

China, Peru agree on feasibility study on transoceanic railway

2015-05-23 16:23:49

China, Brazil and Peru have decided to conduct a feasibility study on a proposed transcontinental line connecting the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

China manufactures first
car for US market

2015-05-24 05:14:45

The first Chinese-made car for the US market -- a Volvo -- has rolled off the assembly line and will be available this summer.

Wisconsin hopes to make cheeseheads in China

2015-05-24 05:32:59

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture's recent trade mission to China to promote its dairy and farm products generated "a lot of enthusiasm" from businesses and government officials.

China, Peru to diversify trade focus

2015-05-23 09:55:15

China and Peru signed deals on Friday to cooperate on industrial production and transportation in an effort diversify a bilateral economic exchange that had been focused on natural resources.

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