National Art Museum showing 400 puppets in new exhibition

2016-01-14 11:34:10

An exhibition featuring 400 puppets held its opening day at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing on Jan 13. The puppets are all from the Xu Zhuchu collection.

Finest Chinese porcelains expected to fetch over $28 million

2016-01-14 11:16:43

One of the finest Chinese porcelain collections in history will be put up for auction, with an overall estimated price of over 20 million pounds.

Monkey portraits by Chinese ink painting masters

2016-01-14 09:09:24

Adopting few colors, mainly black, yellow, and a little red, monkeys painted in a calligraphic way are no less vivid than primates brushed with thick oils.

Beijing's movie fans in for new experience

2016-01-14 08:20:20

Cinema viewing in the Chinese capital is set to get better with more access to world-class technology.

Obama to deliver final State of the Union speech

2016-01-12 13:36:10

President Barack Obama is expected sum up the legacy of his mandate and speak of the country's future in his final State of the Union speech.

Shooting rampage at US social services agency leaves 14 dead

2015-12-03 06:53:24

Fourteen people were killed at a social service agency in a Southern California city on Wednesday, and a manhunt was under way.

Chinese bargain hunters are changing the retail game

2015-12-01 07:53:16

Since 2009, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has turned Nov 11 into China's equivalent of the US' Cyber Monday.

Chinese president arrives in Turkey for G20 summit

2015-11-14 23:50:28

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in the Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya in southwest Turkey Saturday to attend the upcoming G20 summit.

Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris attacks

2015-11-14 19:47:21

The attacks were designed to show France would remain a top target for the jihadist group as long as the country continued its current policies, the group said in a statement.

Obama, Netanyahu at White House seek to mend US-Israel ties

2015-11-10 09:49:49

Benjamin Netanyahu assured Barack Obama on Monday that he remained committed to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as they sought to mend ties.

China, not Canada, is top US trade partner

2015-11-05 12:03:49

China is poised to become the biggest US trading partner this year, eclipsing Canada for the first time as the slump in oil prices reduces the value of energy exports for Canada.

Tu first Chinese to win Nobel Prize in Medicine

2015-10-05 23:06:35

China has its first Nobel Prize in Medicine. And 84-year-old TuYouyou said she was not surprised to get it.

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