A musical spoof of the Clinton years

2014-07-28 09:31:28

The folks behind Clinton: The Musical are said to have invited the former first couple to attend a performance of what is coyly called a spoof of their eight years in the White House.

Good times beckon for Latin American ties

2014-07-28 08:59:20

A stable, dynamic Latin America could be China's next hot investment destination and a major ally to promote China's global agenda.

Glitch delays visas for US-bound students

2014-07-28 04:44:50

Chinese students who plan to start their studies in the US might miss the beginning of the semester as the US visa issuance system has broken down.

China set for 'increase' in US FDI

2014-07-28 06:47:21

Economic changes have set China for a "structural increase" of foreign direct investment (FDI) in a broad range of industries in the US.

Chinese have a crush on Harvard?

2014-07-28 07:40:17

A $15m donation to Harvard by billionaire couple Pan and Zhang shows China's interest in top international schools, but the specter of brain drain looms.

iPhones' access to data face scrutiny

2014-07-28 04:19:56

Text messages, contact lists, photos and other data can be extracted from iPhones through previously unpublicized techniques by Apple employees.

Scandal-hit China food firm withdraws products

2014-07-27 16:35:43

US company OSI Group LLC says it is withdrawing all products made by its Chinese subsidiary Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd that is at the centre of a major food safety scandal.

Consulate condemns killing of student

2014-07-27 07:31:19

Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles Friday condemned the killing of a Chinese student at the USC, warning other Chinese students to be alert.

Anti-dumping duties set on Chinese solar imports

2014-07-26 00:21:45

The US Commerce Department will issue a preliminary decision on Friday as to whether it believes solar products from mainland China and Taiwan were sold in the United States for less than their fair value.

Manufacturing hits an 18-month high

2014-07-25 11:44:11

New HSBC data on China's manufacturing activity July beat analysts' expectations, with PMI hitting an 18-month high after months of sluggish growth, signaling recovery in the second-half of 2014.

Transformers producers face legal troubles

2014-07-25 07:20:04

Although the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction has been a huge success at the box office in China, it has faced some troubles.

US chipmaker to be deemed monopoly

2014-07-25 07:19:10

China's antitrust regulator will soon announce that Qualcomm has monopoly status in the mobile chip market, an official from the National Development and Reform Commission said on Thursday.

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