• Mathematician John Nash killed in car crash

    Mathematician John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner whose longtime struggle with mental illness inspired the movie "A Beautiful Mind", was killed in a car crash along with his wife in New Jersey, state police said on Sunday.

  • Wisconsin hopes to make cheeseheads in China

    Wisconsin Department of Agriculture's recent trade mission to China to promote its dairy and farm products generated "a lot of enthusiasm" from businesses and government officials.

  • Hillary Clinton's 296 emails published

    The US State Department has published online 296 emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's account


Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Germany, Russia, Italy and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO) headquarters from Oct 9 to 15.

2014 Beijing-Tokyo Forum

Malaysian airliner crashes in Ukraine

A bite of diplomacy

China, Russia end joint naval exercises

Chinese and Russian naval forces on Thursday ended their joint military exercises in the Mediterranean, according to an online news briefing from the Chinese Defense Ministry.

Japanese visit underlines thaw in relations

A Japanese delegation with more than 3,000 members is visiting China, a development viewed by observers as the latest sign of progress in efforts to drag the relationship between the countries out of a recent low.

Li: 'Great potential' for Sino-Colombian ties

China and Colombia sign 12 agreements, including deals in infrastructure construction and more cooperation in industrial capacity.

Chinese chef in Colombia awaits Li's visit

In Casa China, a Chinese restaurant in downtown Bogota, Tang Susu is cooking wonton soup for customers who are having lunch in the restaurant.

Middle East



Yearend Review 2014 -Best of Animals

Yearend Review 2014 -Best of Animals

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Kids' underwater fun