• Bangladesh, India settle 68-year-old border issue

    At the stroke of midnight on Friday, tens of thousands of stateless people who were stranded for decades along the poorly defined India-Bangladesh border will finally get to choose their citizenship, as the two countries swapped more than 150 pockets of land to settle the demarcation line dividing them.

  • More debris washes up on Reunion Island

    Investigators probing missing flight MH370 collected more metallic debris on an Indian Ocean island on Sunday as Malaysia urged authorities in the region to be on alert for wreckage washing up on their shores.

  • Nepal expresses gratitude to China for support

    Nepal appreciated the assistance of its northern neighbor China as a valued development partner and a reliable friend in the wake of the Diamond Jubilee commemoration of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.


  • Flying Tigers show in New York

    An exhibition about beautiful Yunnan and the Flying Tigers provides a boost to cultural exchange between China and America, and helps us remember the days when American volunteers helped China flight the Japanese invaders, said a senior official of the Chinese Consulate General in New York on Sunday.

  • China plays crucial role in development plan: envoy

    China has made "important contributions" to seeking an agreement among all 193 UN member states on the global development plan, a Chinese diplomat said.

  • 164 skydivers set world record with formation

    Traveling at speeds of up to 386 kilometers per hour, 164 skydivers flying head-down connected with each other to form the largest ever vertical skydiving formation on Friday over central Illinois, smashing the previous record.


Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Germany, Russia, Italy and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO) headquarters from Oct 9 to 15.

2014 Beijing-Tokyo Forum

Malaysian airliner crashes in Ukraine

A bite of diplomacy

Chinese student detained in Iraq freed

A Chinese college student detained in northern Iraq was freed by local police on Monday, according to Chinese embassy in the country.

Real estate project draws controversy

The property giant is at the center of a fiery public and political debate over its plans to demolish an iconic building in central Madrid.

Indian police station attack kills 10

At least 10 people including four policemen and three civilians were killed, and seven others wounded Monday in an attack on a police station in northern Indian state of Punjab, officials said.

Basic facts of Al-Qaida-linked Al Shabab group

The toppling by warlords of military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991 plunged the Horn of Africa nation into anarchy, allowing al Shabab, which means "Youth" or "Boys" in Arabic, to seize control of large areas of south and central Somalia.

Middle East



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