Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Germany, Russia, Italy and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO) headquarters from Oct 9 to 15.

2014 Beijing-Tokyo Forum

Malaysian airliner crashes in Ukraine

A bite of diplomacy

Hugo Chavez legacy lives on in Venezuela despite woes

Two years after the untimely death of Venezuela's reformist President Hugo Chavez, his vibrant voice and strong anti-imperialist views continue to resonate in a deeply divided society struggling with economic woes.

Bright Food continues with overseas expansion

Bright Food will continue to pursue an internationalization strategy through acquisitions with a focus on Europe, says Ge Junjie, Vice President of Bright Food.

ROK prosecutors to probe into US envoy attack

Prosecutors of the Republic of Korea (ROK) has formed a special team to probe into the attack against the US ambassador after police raided the home and office of the assailant.

Floods displace over 2,000 in Brazil

More than 2,000 people have been left homeless along the Bolivian-Brazilian border where incessant rains have flooded the area and caused the Acre and Tahuamanu Rivers to burst their banks.

Middle East



Yearend Review 2014 -Best of Animals

Yearend Review 2014 -Best of Animals

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