• Asian regional issues critical to US-China ties

    Asian regional issues have become the major test of China-US relations after tensions on the cyber security front were reduced following President Xi Jinping's state visit to the US last September, according to experts.

  • Pyongyang should 'exercise restraint'

    Beijing urged Pyongyang to exercise restraint after its announcement of plans to launch a satellite later this month, and experts said the announcement provided an excuse for the US and Japan to escalate their military presence in Northeast Asia, which would harm regional peace.

  • North Carolina welcomes Cui

    The Chinese Embassy brought some Lunar New Year joy down South on Wednesday.


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Glimpses of Tibet: Plateaus, people and faith

Chinese entrepreneurs remain optimistic despite economic downfall

China's down is slowing down, but that isn't stopping ambitious entrepreneurs trying to establish their business.

Time for China, U.S. to build inclusive world order

People often ask what China wants from the world, what it brings to the world, and whether it will challenge the U.S.-dominated world order. For a country that was issuing food coupons as late as 1993, it is too early for such questions.

China and US working closely on every major issue: Envoy

This cooperation is not only out of good will, but also out of fundamental interests of both countries, says China's ambassador to the US.

Envoy hails New York resolutions

The Chinese Consul General in New York said that although business-to-business and government-to-government relations are critical, the core and foundation of sound bilateral China-US relations is the people-to-people connection.


  • Opening bell

    Zhang Qiyue, Chinese consul general in New York, rings the opening bell at New York's Nasdaq Stock Market on Chinese New Year's Day. Zhang said the US market had confidence in China's economy as an increasing number of Chinese enterprises have successfully launched IPOs there,sign of closer and more trusty relations between the two nations.

  • Chinese pick up exchange in Chicago

    A Chinese-led investor group is buying the Chicago Stock Exchange, also known as CHX, to eventually list Chinese companies on it, and also may use CHX's technology and model to start an equities exchange where it is based in China, according to the CEO and chairman of the 134-year-old bourse.

  • Chinese help Jersey City reach for sky

    The city directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan is drawing increasing capital as a lower-priced alternative to New York but one with its own thriving real estate market and financial services industry.

  • On a global acquisition spree, China adds another company

    China's 2016 acquisition spree for foreign companies added another company on Thursday as Beijing Enterprise Holdings (BEH) said it would buy German waste-management company Energy from Waste (EEW) for $1.6 billion.