• Washington-based think tanks going Chinese

    With China's fast rise, think tanks in nation's capital are expanding their related work on the country,

  • Crime stoppers meet in DC

    Chinese and US delegates gathered for the 13th meeting of the China-US Joint Liaison Group on Law Enforcement Cooperation (JLG) in Washington on Monday.

  • Author navigates shifting US-China relations

    Chi Wang was attending a dinner in 2007 at the invitation of the Congressional Black Caucus when a young man in a dark suit approached his table and asked, "Hi, guys, may I sit down?"


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Glimpses of Tibet: Plateaus, people and faith

Chinese entrepreneurs remain optimistic despite economic downfall

China's down is slowing down, but that isn't stopping ambitious entrepreneurs trying to establish their business.

Time for China, U.S. to build inclusive world order

People often ask what China wants from the world, what it brings to the world, and whether it will challenge the U.S.-dominated world order. For a country that was issuing food coupons as late as 1993, it is too early for such questions.

China and US working closely on every major issue: Envoy

This cooperation is not only out of good will, but also out of fundamental interests of both countries, says China's ambassador to the US.

Envoy hails New York resolutions

The Chinese Consul General in New York said that although business-to-business and government-to-government relations are critical, the core and foundation of sound bilateral China-US relations is the people-to-people connection.


  • Paper company weighs US plant

    A Chinese paper company will study the feasibility of building a $1.3 billion pulp mill in Arkansas as the state's governor completes a trade mission to Asia.

  • Official: US could waver on climate

    A veteran climate official said on Monday he is concerned that existing climate policies in the United States might not be adhered to after the next US president is elected.

  • China tops in clean energy, again

    China continues to hold the top position as the best developing country in which to invest in clean energy, according to a study by Climatescope, a research project whose partners include Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the UK Department for International Development.

  • US business basics taught in Chinese

    Sometimes it helps to go a step further when giving someone a leg up.


  • Child-policy change may affect healthcare system

    The decision by the Chinese government to allow all couples to have two children may have implications for the country’s healthcare system, ranging from making sure there are enough pediatric facilities to potential increases in insurance costs, observers said.

  • Sino-US ties 'gain momentum'

    In an interview with China Daily, State Councilor Yang Jiechi looked ahead to President Xi Jinping's state visit to the US and his attendance at a series of U.N. gatherings. Here is an extract from that interview.