• Remembrance of Flying Tigers & WWII Veterans

    Florence Fang, chairwoman of the Florence Fang Family Foundation and curator of WWII Pacific War Memorial Hall in California, is appointed by James T. Whitehead Jr, chairman of Flying Tiger Historical Organization, as the honorary chairman of the Flying Tiger Historical Organization at the reception Honoring Flying Tigers & WWII Veterans at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco on Friday night. Lian Zi / China Daily

  • Ding Yuan: Safeguarding history's truths

    Ding Yuan became a convert in the early 1990s. He went from being a high-tech professional in Silicon Valley to a persistent and indomitable fighter for preserving the historical truth of World War II.

  • Rob Efird: It was 'love at first sight' for China

    In 1992, Rob Efird made his first trip to China, and the month-long visit became a turning point for the rest of his life.

Decoding China cyber-society

A report by Fudan University, covering some 1,800 subjects with diversified occupations and social roles, givs a portrait of Chinese netizens.

Safeguarding foreigners' rights

Changes to the nation's criminal laws means a greater number of foreign nationals are eligible for free legal aid when they go to court, as Zhang Yan reports from Lincang, Yunnan province.

Getting my first hair cut in Ningbo

China criticizes US anti-missile radar in Japan

China criticized countries involved in anti-missile system deployment in the Asia-Pacific region, pointing specifically at a US X-band radar deployment in Kyoto.

Zuckerberg turns on Chinese charm

The founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg opened a dialogue with a complete half-hour public conversation in the Chinese language.

General aviation is ready for takeoff

Personal-aircraft sales and the general-aviation market in China are poised to grow as the country eases restrictions that have hampered the industry, according to aircraft manufacturers.


  • In California: Cash, Cash, Cash

    Communities in California have become the nation's hot spots for Chinese seeking houses. Many pay all-cash and above the asking price, causing prices to soar and closing the door for other buyers, Amy He reports from New York.

  • China pushes its business in LatAm

    China has challenges doing business in Latin America but will carry on, said the author of a new book on the subject.

  • Virgin America expands link with China Airlines

    An agreement announced between Virgin America and China Airlines will expand the existing relationship but only yield an incremental increase in business.

  • International alliance launched for Macao

    Ten Macanese associations in Canada, the United States, Macao and Portugal have launched the International Macanese Alliance (IMA) in Toronto.