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Updated: 2011-12-12 08:00

(China Daily)

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Sina Weibo launched a new service, which allows users to filter out the content from a certain user without having to "unfollow" him. Some say the service is an outlet for hypocrisy, while others believe it is a convenient option. What do you think of it? Will you use the new feature? China daily mobile news readers share their views.

This function has nothing to do with social relationships, following someone does not necessarily mean accepting all their information. It is just like QQ groups: since some enter the group for certain useful information, they filter the boring junk messages instead of quitting it. Therefore, it is quite blameless for Sina to provide such service.

TALEN, Maoming, Guangdong province

That Sina launched the new function by analyzing users' needs has shown its pursuit of commercial interests by satisfying the demands of users with constant innovation. As long as it poses no threat to public interests, its presence is justifiable.

XIAOYAOSANHEYI, Nantong, Jiangsu province

What makes online activities more outstanding than those in real life is the freedom that allows one to decide what to browse whenever one wants. This new function on Sina Weibo satisfies the needs of some users without influencing others. It would be impolite to follow someone when we want their information then unfollow them afterwards.

MAOGENMEI, Guangzhou, Guangdong province

Personally I will not use this function. Micro blogs are an online platform to promote mutual interaction. It will cause trouble and undo the original intent of micro blogs if one has no idea of the recent situation of those he/she follows. Besides, this function will also encourage hypocrisy.

LIAONINGYIYING, Dalian, Liaoning province

With the development and popularization of the Internet, the number of Chinese netizens has been continuously rising. However, many services provided by some websites are just there to make up the numbers. For example, after Sina launched the new service that allows its users to filter out the content from a certain user without unfollowing him/her, many netizens can slow down the speed of screen refreshing, but still maintain the number of their followers, which, in my opinion, is pompous, hypocritical and meaningless.

ANGEL BOY, Foshan, Guangdong province

This new function could help micro blogs improve more. But at the moment, its practicability has failed to be proved since it is meaningless to filter out his/her information when you choose to follow someone. However, Sina could improve this function by sorting and classifying micro blogs by content and only filtering unwanted information.

JDBOY, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

I think it has nothing to do with hypocrisy. It is definite that the public welcomes the diversified services offered by Sina that allow us to make our own choices accordingly. It is your freedom to decide whether to use the new function or not. As long as it causes no trouble to anyone's life, it should be supported, without probing into why Sina has introduced such a service. There is no reason to say no to services that provide diversified options.

BUAAFY, Tianjin

(China Daily 12/12/2011 page9)