People evacuated as wildfire expands in Texas,US

Updated: 2011-04-18 13:21


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HOUSTON - Residents were being evacuated from their homes when wildfire burned thousands of acres of land in southwest Texas Sundday, officials said.

The fire started Saturday in Hardin County, Texas, and grew to 3,000 acres by Sunday afternoon, according to US media reports. The fire also reached Tyler county.

No homes were damaged and no injuries were reported due to the fire.

Firefighters, helicopters, and other firefighting equipment were on the spot to contain the fire, according to media reports.

State authorities had warned earlier that more fires are expected as extremely dry conditions, high temperatures and high winds are coming to create storm for wildfire.

Fires are increasingly common across Texas due to the dry weather this year.  A study released earlier shows that last month was the driest March in Texas history since 1895.


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