Youth choir to embark on China tour

2013-07-15 11:24:39

The heavenly sound of the popular Chinese folk song Mo Li Hua, or The Jasmine Flower, echoed through the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church in the nation's capital on Friday evening at a concert by the Children's Chorus of Washington (CCW).

Teaching teachers how to teach Chinese, in Texas

2013-07-12 12:24:23

In Texas, 20 teachers from grades K through 16 schools and colleges are participating in a two-week residential program this month for instruction on teaching Chinese as a second language.

Ethan Allen seeks edge in China with custom furniture

2013-07-11 11:36:26

In an era of Asian dominance in furniture manufacturing, the chairman and CEO of US-based Ethan Allen Interiors said his company is increasing sales to China and other regional markets with custom-made furniture.

Barilla designing new pasta for the wok

2013-07-05 11:38:44

Guido Barilla, chairman of Barilla Group, the world's largest pasta company, emphasizes the importance of "made for the people" when he talks about his company's global strategy.

Monkey is king in New York City

2013-07-05 11:38:44

Monkey: Journey to the West at Lincoln Center Festival features martial arts and acrobatics by the Jiangsu Yancheng Acrobatic Company.

When kung fu meets hip-hop

2013-07-05 11:38:44

Bruce Lee is respected worldwide for his legendary kung fu prowess. But art curator Sean Dinsmore was shocked to discover there was no Bruce Lee museum when he was in Hong Kong.

NBA's Dwyane Wade signs with Li Ning

2013-07-04 12:00:18

NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade just kicked off a 10-day-long trip to China to promote the country's top sportswear outfitter, Li Ning Co.

Changing times: interracial marriages

2013-06-29 01:57:51

Attitudes toward mixed marriages in the US are less of a barrier today, but those in such marriages or partnerships often tell a different story, reports Kelly Chung Dawson from New York.

Orchestra celebrates 40-year relationship with China

2013-06-28 11:57:12

When the Philadelphia Orchestra performed in China in 1973, the musicians found the audience's enthusiasm muffled. Forty years later, they felt like they were performing for a crowd at a football game.

Elisa Lam’s father unhappy with autopsy

2013-06-26 13:30:53

The father of a Chinese-Canadian woman whose body was discovered in a hotel's rooftop water tank in downtown Los Angeles said he is unsatisfied with the autopsy conclusion that his daughter accidentally drowned.

Aspiring Chinese college students boost US economy

2013-06-25 15:20:52

Latest statistics have revealed that international students contribute more than $20 billion to the US economy every year, of which more than $4.4 billion comes from Chinese students. The economic benefit from foreign student education is becoming a new highlight in the US economic recovery.

Astronaut sends greetings to taikonaut

2013-06-17 11:02:25

As China's first space teacher Wang Yaping orbited the earth, Barbara Morgan, the world's first astronaut to ever teach in space, was signing her name on a letter to cheer on the Chinese newcomer.