Taiwan stage directors work in NYC 'lab'

2013-08-28 10:50:31

Two directors from Taiwan will present their work in a six-piece short play festival in New York, as part of a multi-cultural theater collaboration.

It's strong, and it smells, but Chinese moonshine's here

2013-08-28 10:50:31

As US winemakers continue to seek a share of the vast Chinese market, Chinese baijiu producers are eyeing the US market as well.

Teaching teachers about China

2013-08-23 14:18:58

Playing the Chinese lute, delving into Chinese history, practicing calligraphy and tai chi, 21 teachers from Irvine (California) Unified School District were eagerly learning everything they could about China in a three-day class called Program to Advance Cultural Education (PACE).

Taiwan-born immigrant pursues a career in stand-up

2013-08-23 14:18:58

Pursuing comedy was not Sheng Wang or his parents' first career choice.

The heartbreak of child abduction

2013-08-23 14:18:58

When children are abducted in the US, the vast majority of cases involve family members. At around 200 per year, true kidnappings in which children are taken by strangers for molestation, murder or ransom are relatively rare. Those held for ransom are usually the children of wealthy families, with resources to match demands. In stark contrast are the poor, often uneducated families of an estimated 70,000 children who go missing in China each year for forced labor, adoption or prostitution.

NBA hosts Chinese basketball coaches

2013-08-21 11:03:21

The NBA is investing in developing basketball-player talent in China and the association's CEO for China sees training the country's coaches as a vital part of reaching that goal.

Immigrant businesswomen in the spotlight

2013-08-16 11:58:12

Success stories about female entrepreneurs in the mainstream media are usually large in scale and revenue, spotlighting millionaires like Oprah and Martha Stewart.

Summer camps give students an edge

2013-08-16 11:58:12

Zhang Linghao, a 16-year-old high school student from Guangzhou, just finished two weeks at a summer camp at Stanford University.

Dancing in Brooklyn leads to complaints

2013-08-14 10:51:27

Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is now New York's largest Chinatown, with a 71 percent increase of Chinese residents from 2000 to 34,218 in 2010.

Beijing design students win grand prize

2013-08-14 10:51:27

The Art Center College of Design in California hosted its 8th annual Formula-E races last week, in which students must design, build and race rubber band-powered cars.

Art exhibition tackles Asian urban angst

2013-08-13 11:16:19

Recovering from nuclear disaster and living in low-income housing are just a few among subjects highlighted in a media art exhibition in New York.

Solving a riddle with a harp and the magic of words

2013-08-09 12:15:18

As the daughter of diasporic Chinese parents in Singapore, Fiona Sze-Lorrain spoke both Chinese and English at home. From a young age, her Chinese heritage signaled discipline and tradition. In accordance with her parents' wishes, she studied the guzheng, a classical Chinese instrument, and at age 9 made her performance debut at Singapore's Victoria Concert Hall. Later, she went on to perform at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center for audiences that included Bill Clinton and Princess Diana. But at the time, she was simply following the rules.