Xi's visit to deepen Sino-Thai ties

Updated: 2011-12-22 06:35


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Guan said that as both China and Thailand are developing economies in Asia, the two countries share broad common interests in regional and international affairs and both are tasked with boosting economy and improving people's livelihoods.

Since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1975, 36 years have passed, Guan said, adding that the past time has testified that China-Thailand ties serve as a model of peaceful co-existence, mutually beneficial cooperation and common development between countries with different social systems.

The ambassador said the development of bilateral ties has five features. First, frequent high-level contacts through bilateral visits over the past decades.

The closer engagement between each side's leaders has provided a sustained strong momentum for a continuous, comprehensive and in-depth development of bilateral ties, Guan said.

Secondly, sound cooperative mechanisms. The Joint Action Plan on China-Thailand Strategic Cooperation, signed by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and then Thai Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont, has charted the development of the bilateral ties in the new century.

On top of that, a host of mechanisms to facilitate cooperation and consultation in the fields of trade, technology, diplomacy, defense and security have been set up to unleash cooperative potential and enrich bilateral relations.

The third characteristic is a productive trade cooperation. China has become Thailand's largest export market and its second largest source of imports. Thailand also serves as an important trade partner for China among members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Fourth, a robust development of cooperation in various spheres, as evidenced by a smooth progress in the establishment of Chinese cultural center in Bangkok and the applause from the two countries' people for galas and concerts held to facilitate cultural exchange and promote the traditional friendship.

Until now, the number of Chinese overseas students has exceeded 10,000 and more than 10,000 Thai students have also studied in China, Guan said, adding that the students have constituted a strong force to promote youth exchanges and strengthen friendly ties between the two countries.

The last feature is fruitful results brought about by regional cooperation. As an important ASEAN member state, Thailand has always been an active role in promoting China-ASEAN relationship, the ASEAN integration and cooperation on various areas.

Guan said the cooperation has provided strong momentum for common growth, benefiting people of the two countries.

Looking into the future, both China and Thailand have laid out plans for a more balanced and sustained economic growth, indicating a broad prospect for development and a great potential for bilateral cooperation, he said.

Guan voiced belief that under the joint efforts of the two governments and people of the two countries, the bilateral ties will enter a new stage of development, bringing more benefits to their people and making greater contributions to regional peace and stability.

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