China reaffirms resolve to fight climate change

Updated: 2014-09-24 04:27


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China reaffirms resolve to fight climate change

Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli speaks during the Climate Summit at the UN headquarters in New York, Sept 23, 2014. [Photo/Agencies]

UNITED NATIONS - China on Tuesday reiterated its commitment to the common battle against climate change and pledged to help boost South-South cooperation in dealing with the global threat.

"China attaches great importance to addressing climate change, and is ready to work with the international community to actively tackle the grave challenge," said Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli at the UN Climate Summit in his capacity as Chinese President Xi Jinping' s special envoy.

As Xi has pointed out, responding to climate change is what China needs to do both to achieve sustainable development at home and to fulfill its international obligations as a responsible major country, he added.

"This is not at others' request but on our own initiative," said the vice premier.

Noting that China is a developing country with 1.3 billion people and facing a daunting task of growing the economy, improving its people's well-being and protecting the environment, Zhang said Beijing will nonetheless make greater efforts to address climate change more effectively.

As a responsible major country, China will also take on international responsibilities that are commensurate with its national conditions, stage of development and actual capabilities, the presidential envoy added.

"We will announce post-2020 actions on climate change as soon as we can, which will bring about marked progress in reducing carbon intensity, increasing the share of non-fossil fuels and raising the forest stock," Zhang said.

The action plan, he added, will also take the world's most populous and largest developing country to the peak of its total CO2 emissions as early as possible.

Meanwhile, China will also vigorously promote South-South climate cooperation, and will double its annual financial support for the establishment of the South-South Cooperation Fund on Climate Change starting next year, Zhang said.

"China will provide $6 million to support the UN secretary general in advancing South-South cooperation on climate change," he added.