Apple in guarantee scandal in China

Updated: 2013-03-20 15:30


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For many years, Apple products have enjoyed great popularity in China. But a recent CCTV show exposed the tech giant has adopted different policies for guaranteeing its products here. Chinese consumers are now calling on the firm to end its double standards.

According to a consumer protection TV show broadcast by CCTV on Friday, Apple's unfair provisions include shorter warranty periods compared with other countries, using refurbished parts in repairs and avoiding after-sale obligations.

When consumers asked for their faulty iPhones to be replaced during the warranty period, iPhones returned them with same back cover.

In addition, they didn't come with an extended guarantee period as stipulated in Chinese regulations.

Under Chinese law, replaced mobile phones should be covered by another one-year guarantee. Retaining the back cover tactic is believed to get around this. The modified phone can not be defined as a replacement as it still incorporates the original.

In contrast with China, Apple consumers in other parts of the world including the United States, Australia, South Korea and the European Union are treated much better.

Chinese consumers are upset. Mr. Wang is an keen iPhone user. He believes Apple should improve its service.

He said, "Apple needs to be stronger in after sale. The popularity of a product not only depends on its quality, but also the after sale service. Other products normally did better in this area. If Apple continues like this, we will choose other products in the future."

His feelings are shared by other Beijing residents.

One said, "I think there should be no difference between Chinese and foreign Apple users. Apple should guarantee the legal rights and interests of its Chinese fans."

China is Apple's second largest and fastest growing market in the world. The country is projected to overtake US to become the largest in 2016.

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