Apple CEO apologizes over China warranties

Updated: 2013-04-02 10:55


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American technology giant, Apple, has issued a public letter of apology to Chinese consumers over the company's warranty policies in China. Apple's CEO Tim Cook signed the statement, saying the company is sorry for any "concerns or misunderstandings" that have been caused.

In the letter, Cook said that over the past two weeks, Apple has received feedback concerning its warranty policies in China and the company has "reflected" on this.

He said APPLE takes the feedback seriously and is seeking to allay concerns that the company was being arrogant by not responding to them. He said this was due to lack of communication on Apple's part and that it was sorry for any inconvenience caused to consumers.

In the statement, Apple said the company is making four major adjustments to improve its after-sales services for Chinese consumers, including improving its warranty for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, enhancing supervision over and training for authorized service providers.

APPLE's apology comes after the China Consumer's Association asked Apple to "sincerely apologize" to Chinese consumers and "thoroughly correct its problems," after taking little action to address criticism, started by China Central Television , which exposed Apple's after-sales services failings in China in a special TV program.

The CCA demanded that Apple inform consumers if refurbished parts are used when repairing broken devices, and that repair costs should be calculated accordingly.

South Korea, Australia and Italy have filed similar claims against Apple, citing cases where refurbished products had been used to repair damaged iPhones, higher prices had been charged and its failure to publish warranty information in those countries.