Imbalance seen in Sino-US talent exchanges

Updated: 2013-08-02 09:02


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BEIJING -- China and the United States are reporting a huge imbalance in attracting talented people from the other side, with an expert calling for more Chinese and American government support to encourage talent mobility between the two countries.

A new round of talent flow will be aroused with the development of globalization, said Wang Huiyao, president of the China Global Talents Society, at a symposium on global talent movement on Thursday.

Wang said that the number of Chinese students in the United States has surged in the past few years, increasing from 67,723 in 2007 to 194,029 in 2012.

In the meantime, an increasing number of Chinese juniors, particularly those middle school students, are studying in the United States, up from 65 in 2005 to 6,725 in 2010, according to the Chinese talents society.

"Although China is seeing soaring numbers of students studying in the United States, the number of US students to China has remained relatively stable in recent years," Wang added.

The number of US students studying in China rose to 14,596 in 2011 from 11,064 in 2007, an unparallel pace compared with the upsurge of Chinese students in the US.

He suggested the Chinese government strengthen its projects and policy on overseas talents, lower Chinese green card requirements and focus on global entrepreneurs and innovators, so as to attract more foreign talented people.