Rebound of US-listed Chinese stocks to continue

Updated: 2013-08-21 16:03


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Multiple beneficial factors

The rebound of Chinese stocks traded in US was boosted by multiple factors, including improvement of economic and policy environment, as well as performance of individual companies.

US stocks market has really run up since this year and has broken records time and time again, which helped lift investors' confidence.

Moreover, when people are concerned over China's economic slowdown, the latest data showed growth of China's imports and exports both turned positive and industrial output growth accelerated in July.

"Macro-economic data have shown China is rebounding and all sort of signs indicated that measures the government's been taken are taking effect," said Otto.

The China-based stocks have also benefited from the agreement between China's regulators and the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), which provided a mechanism for them to request and receive assistance from each other in obtaining documents and information.

Cao Yue, partner at law firm Eaton & Van Winkle LLP, said that the agreement can help reestablish US investors' confidence in Chinese companies, and it will also prevent some short-sellers from trying to take advantage from lack of information exchange between regulators of the two countries.

China's central government has recently launched a series of measures to promote domestic consumption of solar products and information technology products and services, which will certainly benefit the two sectors.

In addition, many Chinese companies reported strong quarterly earnings and they have also forecast strong guidance numbers.

Meanwhile, recent mergers between some e-commerce companies also pushed up their stock prices, for example, the deal between and Sina Weibo.

More Chinese company IPOs expected in the US

Analysts believe that the China-based stocks will continue to advance and this may lead more Chinese companies to conduct IPO in the US, which has been sluggish in the past two years.

Otto said as soon as the Chinese macro data start actually showing signs of bottoming out and that's when stocks actually start taking off.

However, risks still exist. Otto said there are a lot of speculations on China's economy and there are still calling for "hard landing" and real estate sector risks.

Despite the risks, Otto said: "I'm bullish on China and I have confidence about the new leadership ... It seems they will go trough the short-term pains to achieve realistic goals."

Cao said the threshold to be listed in US market has been lifted, and the number of Chinese companies conducting IPO is small, so they can attract attention of US investors and a large amount of capital, though investors are still cautious about Chinese companies.

Giglio from Nasdaq said US investors have an appetite to diversify their portfolio and investing in China's companies can geographically diversify their portfolio.

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