Minister reiterates resolution to fight pollution

Updated: 2014-03-21 10:38


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BEIJING - China's Minister of Environmental Protection Zhou Shengxian on Thursday reiterated the country's resolution to combat air, water and soil pollution.

Minister reiterates resolution to fight pollution
Minister reiterates resolution to fight pollution
Zhou said that the ministry will take effective measures to improve the environment step by step, including reinforcing management over heavy metals, chemical products, dangerous waste and deepening control and prevention of industrial pollution.

In a media interview, Zhou said, "The priority of priorities in dealing with pollution still lies in the control and prevention of air pollution."

The ministry will fully implement the action plan against air pollution, and handle smog by addressing crucial areas like industrial structure, energy efficiency, vehicle emissions and floating dust, he vowed, also calling for efforts from the public as well as governments and enterprises.

According to Zhou, the ministry is in the process of compiling action plans to fight water and soil pollution.

"Effective implementation of the plans, information transparency and public supervision will be of great importance," said the minister, stressing that wrongdoers will be severely punished.

In the government work report adopted at the annual parliamentary session in mid March, the central government promised to intensify pollution control and improve ecological conservation.