Pure gold prizes fake: Olympic champion

Updated: 2011-11-14 13:11


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Pure gold prizes fake: Olympic champion

Two "golden cans" awarded by Jianlibao, a Guangdong-based soft drink company are displayed by their recipient Gao Min, a former Olympic diving champion, in her hometown of Zigong city, Southwest China's Sichuan province, Nov 12, 2011. The cans were alleged to be made of pure gold and were presented as rewards to China's Olympic champions in 1992 (L) and 1988. The base of the 1988 can has turned black and, according to Gao, tests have proven that it is fake. "They said it was made of 125-grams of pure gold in a news reference material released in 1988," Gao said, adding the 1992 can also lacks the gold content claimed by the company. Three other Olympic champions have also come forward about their problematic "golden cans" recently, and Zhuang Xiaoyan, a 1992 Olympic judo champion has said she will take legal action after tests revealed her prize was a fake and worth only 50 yuan ($7.90). The company has not responded to the athletes' allegations. [Photo/CFP]

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