China to extend maternity leave for working mothers

Updated: 2011-11-21 21:13


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BEIJING - China plans to prolong the maternity leave for the nation's working mothers from 90 days to 98 days (14 weeks), according to a draft regulation published Monday.

The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council issued the draft regulation on the protection of employed women in order to solicit public opinions.

According to a notice issued by the office, the draft regulation has amended the previous regulation on women's labor protection to reflect social changes since the regulation went into effect in 1988.

The draft regulation also provides a two- to six-week maternity leave for those who have a miscarriage, a maternity leave of no shorter than two weeks for miscarriages within the first four months of pregnancy, and at least six weeks for later-term miscarriages.

The draft regulation also obliges employers to cover medical costs of childbirth and miscarriage. For those employers offering childbirth insurance, the medical cost will be shouldered by the insurance; for those employers that do not, the cost will be born by the employers.

The draft regulation will be open to public opinion until December 23.