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Updated: 2013-03-06 07:06

(China Daily)

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More deaths from food poisoning

The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that 6,685 people had food poisoning in 2012 and 146 of the cases were fatal, a 6.6 percent year-on-year increase. The number of cases reported fell by 7.9 percent from the previous year. The ministry has urged health departments at all levels to increase supervision and risk evaluations for food poisoning while boosting their ability to cope with emergencies.

New-energy cars to hit Beijing roads

People in Beijing will be able to buy new-energy vehicles from Chinese automaker BAIC Motor by the end of the year, Beijing Daily reported on Tuesday. The vehicles, which consume no electricity when they stop, can help reduce emissions in the capital. Most BAIC cars that have joined a pilot operation are for suburban taxi services and logistics operators.

Sex ratio at birth falls for fourth year

China had a sex ratio at birth of 117.7 boys for every 100 girls in 2012, marking the fourth year of decline in the proportion of boys born, the People's Daily reported on Tuesday, citing figures from the National Population and Family Planning Commission. The ratio should normally stand at 103 to 107 boys for every 100 girls. The decline reflects successful efforts to curb an imbalance in the ratio, which reached a record-high of 121.2 boys for every 100 girls in 2004.

Work to quicken on observatory

China will speed up construction of a deep sea scientific observation network and an observatory in the Antarctic before 2015, according to a plan on the country's infrastructure construction for key science and technology projects from 2012 to 2030. The plan was released on the central government's website on Monday. Before 2030, China will focus on seven areas including sustainable energy and space exploration to boost innovation.

NGOs need more educated people

More than 60 percent of the 50 selected modern "Lei Feng" in Beijing have received a junior college education or above, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Monday. The report shows that NGOs need more highly educated people, said Zhang Yiwu, a culture scholar at Peking University. Lei Feng (1940-62) was a Chinese soldier known for his "selfless service for the people".

Silk Road heritage get protection

The State Administration of Cultural Heritage signed an agreement to protect the Silk Road heritage on Monday with Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai provinces, as well as the Ningxia Hui and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous regions. The nomination file for the Silk Road's inscription in the World Heritage List in 2014 was submitted to the UNESCO on Feb 1 by China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Alliance needed for animation

China should establish a national alliance for the booming animation and cartoon industry and forge closer ties with heavyweight international players such as Walt Disney and DreamWorks Animation to leverage their international distribution channels and creative thinking, a national legislator said. Li Yang, vice-chairman of China Animation Group, believes the formation of the alliance will better guide the development of the industry, which is a multibillion-yuan business in China.

China launches porn crackdown

A campaign has been launched against pornography in online game advertisements, mobile applications and online media players, the National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications said on Tuesday. The campaign will last until May. It will also focus on online literature, forums, micro blogs, social network services, search engines and real-time communications groups. Computer and mobile phone dealers and repair shops that provide pornographic material to clients will be punished.


Public input sought on lunchbox rule

Guangdong is seeking public opinion until April 3 on introducing a rule banning unlicensed small workshops and street vendors from producing and selling lunchboxes and food. Under the rule, all small workshops and street vendors will have to apply for special licenses before being allowed to produce and sell lunchboxes, cooked food, cold dishes, cakes, bread, sandwiches, milk products, drinks and other food in the province. Offenders will be fined from 500 yuan to 50,000 yuan ($80 to $8,000) .

Marine patrol team back in Guangzhou

A Chinese patrol team returned to Guangzhou on Tuesday after covering 2,455 nautical miles in the South China Sea carrying out regular observation and patrols. The two China Marine Surveillance ships, the Haijian 84 and Haijian 72, patrolled the Xisha and Nansha islands and nearby waters for 16 days, the State Oceanic Administration said.

Officials face water pollution penalties

Guangdong officials who fail to reduce water pollution in three years will not be promoted for two years. Those who make a wrong decision, resulting in serious water pollution and those who disrupt enforcement will be removed from their posts for investigation, under the Action Plan to Clean Guangdong Water (2013-20). The Guangdong provincial department of environmental protection sent the plan to cities and the agencies concerned on Monday.


Kunming confirms 151 measles cases

As of the end of February, 151 cases of measles had been confirmed in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, with two deaths caused by the highly contagious illness,, an official news portal in the province, reported on Tuesday. To contain the spread of the illness, Kunming on Wednesday will begin offering free vaccinations for all children in the city, the report said, citing the Kunming Center for Disease Control.

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