Shanghai launches site to apply for scholarships

Updated: 2013-03-06 22:02

By Wang Hongyi (

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Shanghai education authorities have set up an online platform for the city's international students to apply for government scholarships, part of the city's efforts to attract more students from oversees.

The website, launched by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, is in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

"These government scholarships are being offered to attract more outstanding foreign students to study in the city, especially to study in long-term degree programs," said Yang Weiren, an official with the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

According to the website, the Shanghai Government Scholarships for International Students have three classifications.

Class A is a full scholarship. Excellent prospective students applying for postgraduate programs in Shanghai can receive 40,000 yuan ($6,430) a year. The scholarship will pay for the recipients' full tuition, living expenses and medical insurance during their stay.

The Class B, or partial, scholarship funds excellent prospective students applying for undergraduate or above degree programs. Recipients will receive up to 20,000 yuan per year.

The Class C scholarship encourages currently enrolled excellent international students who are pursuing long-term study at higher educational institutions in Shanghai. The recipients will receive a one-time 4,000 to 8,000 yuan scholarship in an academic year.

In recent years, the city has announced a series of favorable policies and scholarships to encourage more outstanding foreign students to study at local universities.

According to a Shanghai Municipal Education Commission development plan for the 2011-15 period, the city will establish a comprehensive scholarship system to encourage outstanding students to study in the city. The system will increase the number of government-funded scholarships and add a full scholarship for undergraduates.

The number of foreign students in Shanghai is expected to increase to 70,000, a nearly 40 percent gain, by 2015, the city's official said.

Consequently, the number of international students in the city keeps rising in recent years. In 2012, about 51,000 overseas students were studying in Shanghai, and most are from South Korea, Japan and the United States.

"Only a third of foreign students were in long-term degree programs. We hope more outstanding foreign students can study in the city for longer education programs, which last over half a year," Yang said.

Shanghai has been offering scholarships to international students since 2005, and over 25 million yuan was granted to students each year, official said.

In addition to the scholarships offered by the Shanghai government, local universities, enterprises and other social bodies also establish scholarships and funds for deserving foreign students.

Fudan University each year grants about 1.5 million yuan to its over 4,000 foreign students, who are from 118 countries and regions.

In a bid to help foreign students adapt to university life in Shanghai, the city established a preparatory school that teaches Chinese-language and computer skills.

Meanwhile, a series of foreign-student service centers, which can provide one-stop services, such as accommodation, Chinese learning and tours, will also be established.

Besides that, 10 Chinese culture bases for foreign students to better understand the country and its history and culture will also be set up.

In addition to the information about the scholarships application, the website also provides information about local summer-school courses, open classes, lectures and international exchange programs. Various information about the city, which aims to help international students better adapt into local life and study, is also available on the website.