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Updated: 2013-03-08 07:05

(China Daily)

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Water studied for pollution

The country has conducted investigations and research on the condition of groundwater to determine the extent of pollution, a senior official from China's top economic planning agency said on Thursday. Du Ying, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission, said the safety of groundwater is generally guaranteed. He added that the government is considering drafting a law to protect underground water.

R&D plan for new high-yield rice

China launched a research and development plan for a new type of super rice, which is expected to yield at least 15 tons of rice per hectare, People's Daily reported on Thursday. In 2011, the country harvested 13.9 tons per hectare in a trial in Longhui county, Hunan province. It expects to increase the per-hectare yield to 15 metric tons by 2020. The nation plants 29 million hectares of rice a year, with an average output of 6.3 tons a hectare.

Electric-vehicle buyers get plates

Buyers of electric vehicles in Beijing will receive car plates without participating in the car license plate lottery, authorities said on Thursday. People who buy electric vehicles will also receive government subsidies. These measures will take effect in the first half of this year, according to Xinhua News Agency. However, drivers of electric cars still have to obey the odd-even license plate number limit regulation.

Military singer's teen son charged

Beijing prosecutors on Thursday charged 17-year-old Li Guanfeng with rape, Xinhua News Agency reported. Li is the son of Li Shuangjiang, a famous military singer. Li Guanfeng is accused of participating in a gang rape with four other men while intoxicated. He was detained on Feb 21, the capital's Haidian police department said.


Project seeks more family counselors

The Family Harmony Project was launched in Shanghai on Wednesday in an attempt to find more counselors and psychologists help improve marriages. The nonprofit project is being conducted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. With an initial investment of 1 million yuan ($160,700), the first group of 300 marriage counselors will work in enterprises, communities and families in crisis to provide marriage counseling.

Shanghai Disney unveils model

Shanghai Disney Resort management on Thursday unveiled a scale model that shows the company's concept for the new theme park, expected to open in 2015. Earlier reports said the investment in the resort is expected to be 24.5 billion yuan ($3.94 billion) for the theme park and 4.5 billion yuan for other facilities.


Official denies hydropower launch

Yunnan provincial Party chief Qin Guangrong said on Thursday that no hydropower development projects have been launched on the Nujiang River, denying speculation that the river will be dammed. The provincial authority won't start any hydropower development projects on the river before it has State approval and the projects pass an environmental impact assessment, Qin said at a panel discussion held on the sidelines of the national legislature's annual session in Beijing.

Inner Mongolia

City to set up lab to monitor dairy

The home of China's two dairy giants, China Mengniu Dairy Co and Yili Group, will set up a national-level laboratory to monitor products of the two scandal-hit companies, Hohhot Mayor Qin Yi said on Wednesday. Qin said the government of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region has approved the plan, and the city government is now consulting with China's Ministry of Agriculture and national quality inspection watchdogs for the details.


Chengdu to host entrepreneurs

The 12th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention will be held from Sept 24-26 in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, the event's organizing committee announced at a news conference on Thursday in Beijing. More than 3,000 Chinese entrepreneurs from over 100 countries will participate in the event. The convention will include a forum on China's economy and other special forums, trade negotiations, product exhibitions and business visits.


Fujian to focus on ecological projects

Plans in East China's Fujian province call for ecological projects to have more prominence, said You Quan, Fujian's Party chief. The province will encourage social organizations and individual citizens to join in the construction of ecological projects. The efforts will include cutting carbon emissions, planting more trees and raising public awareness about environmental protection.

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