China fleet patrols Diaoyu Islands

Updated: 2013-04-09 19:52


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The State Oceanic Administration said on Tuesday that three China Marine Surveillance ships - the Haijian 50, Haijian 26 and Haijian 66 — are patrolling the waters near the Diaoyu Islands.

A statement from the State Oceanic Administration said on April 9 that during the patrol, the fleet declared the Chinese government's stance regarding the Diaoyu Islands to Japanese ships that illegally entered the waters and asked them to leave the waters immediately.

The consistent patrol near the Diaoyu Islands started in September after Japan announced its illegal "purchase" of the islands.

According to the administration, the CMS fleet was less than 1,482 meters away from the Diaoyu Islands on Feb 18, the closest it has com to the islands during its patrols.