H7N9 not linked to animal deaths

Updated: 2013-04-17 16:33


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ZHENGZHOU - Pigs and dogs that were found dead in a village in Central China's Henan province on Monday did not die due to any animal epidemic or the H7N9 infection, local authorities said Wednesday.

However, the authorities did confirm that chemical factories in the area have had their electricity cut off and been ordered to suspend production.

A total of 410 pigs and 122 dogs were found dead on Monday morning in Dongtun village of Shanhua township, Yanshi city. They had died overnight.

Authorities with Yanshi city said initial investigations have eliminated animal epidemic and H7N9 bird flu.

They said the organs of the dead pigs and dogs have been sent to the No 1 Hospital affiliated to the Henan University of Science and Technology and public security authorities for tests and the result will be announced timely.

The carcasses have been disposed of safely and will pose no threat to humans, authorities said.

Livestock farms have been sterilized and none of villagers in Dongtun have shown any abnormal symptoms, local authorities said.

Some villagers blamed the incident on gas emissions from a local chemical plant, which had been emitting smells for more than ten years. Villagers said that there was an "extremely strong odor" Monday morning.

Test results from the local environmental watchdog have shown that the air and drinking water in the county are clean.

A further investigation into the cause of the incident is under way, local authorities said.