Xinjiang violence reaction across Chinese media

Updated: 2013-07-02 10:17


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The ruthless attacks by 16 knife-wielding religious extremists on June 26 in Shanshan county of Turpan Prefecture in Xinjiang left 24 dead, 16 were from the Uygur ethnic group. Local police shot and killed 11 of the rioters and captured five.

Xinhua says the bestial crimes are wanton disruptions of public stability and show the mobs' anti-society and anti-human nature as they killed law enforcement officers and civilians. No such terrorist crimes should be tolerated in any corner on this planet as long as justice shines.

The frenzied attacks must be met with resolute and lawful crackdown, otherwise there will no longer be something called social order, development, and peace that lie at the bottom of people's hearts.

People's Daily said the terrorists were trampling the law. Tolerance toward them is harmful to people. The terrorist crimes ignore basic human rights, destroy human morality and justice through brutal means, causing grave harm. We must be resolute in fighting terrorist crimes. We must also take preemptive measures against terrorists. Any law violators, separatists, terrorists and extremists must be lawfully dealt with. We must punish the criminals who dare to defy the law and commit brutal crimes with due force, without mercy, to protect people's life and property, maintain social stability and defend legal sanctity.

China Daily criticized the US using different criteria in judging the Xinjiang incident as an ethnic conflict rather than terrorist attack. It said yes, the separatists, extremist and terrorist forces, which have launched terror attacks in Xinjiang, have their own political objectives, but so do other terrorist groups such as al-Qaida. But whatever their political objectives might be, it can never justify acts of terror.

The fact that 16 Uygurs died in the latest attack is strong evidence that the incident is anything but an ethnic conflict. The cooperation of all countries will make a difference in the fight against terrorism worldwide. But such joint efforts need to be based on a correct understanding of what is terrorism.

Global Times comments that Xinjiang's affairs are China's domestic affairs. Western opinions based on their own benefits should not be considered by the Chinese government. To maintain Xinjiang's stability is of core benefit of all ethnic groups and the whole nation and so the fight against the terrorists must be resolute and tough as well as flexible in strategies. Any country's governments will conduct the same resolute fight facing similar cases.

Xinjiang Daily comments that any person with conscience and humanity cannot tolerate such violent attacks. The terrorists can not represent any ethic group or any religious group. They have betrayed their country as well as their ethnic group and they are common enemies of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.