Homeless man sleeps on billboard to escape heat

Updated: 2013-08-22 18:36


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A homeless man has slept on top of a 25-meter high billboard for a month to escape the heat and mosquitoes in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.

The man used a rope to climb onto a ladder that he then climbed to reach the top of the billboard.

He slept there nearly every night over the past month, a cleaner, surnamed Zhang, who worked nearby, told the Yangtze Evening News.

The top frame of the billboard, located near the Youxin overpass in southern Suzhou, is just 40 cm wide.

The man, aged about 30 from Shangrao, Jiangxi province, worked in an electronics factory in Suzhou but quit his job.

He collects waste to earn a meager living.

The company that owns the billboard has removed access steps to stop people from climbing it, according to the report.