Trending news across China

Updated: 2013-08-26 10:02


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From a subway pee that turned into a plea. Heard of mutton dressed as lamb? Tried cotton lately? And, yes, the trial of the century enters day five – it’s all trending across China.

Panda brown

Trending news across China

The comparison between the brown panda and a normal one

A panda with rare brown fur named Qizai has appeared at a wildlife research center in Northwest China’s Shannxi province, China Central Television reported. Qizai’s color is rare because of genetic mutations, but some people joked online that even “pandas can now finally say goodbye to black and white photos”.

Charming crayfish

A team from the BBC made a special trip to Hefei, Anhui province on August 17 to taste the local crayfish which had such a reputation it was known in London. A program host and a female producer ate about five kilograms of crayfish within two hour, reported.

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