No excuse for rise of Japan's militarism

Updated: 2013-09-03 21:18


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BEIJING - On the 68th anniversary of victory in the anti-Fascist war, the Japanese government and the right wing must listen to the call of justice and improve ties with neighboring countries. There is no chance of Japan challenging the international order that has prevailed since World War II.

As stipulated in the Potsdam Proclamation defining the terms for Japanese surrender in 1945, "there must be eliminated for all time the authority and influence of those who have deceived and misled the people of Japan into embarking on world conquest, for we insist that a new order of peace, security and justice will be impossible until irresponsible militarism is driven from the world."

The warning still sounds a worthy note of caution as the Japanese government and the right wing have frequently challenged the international order to pursue political and military power through means violating the Charter of the United Nations.

Faced with the lack of momentum of "Abenomics" (the economic policies of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe) and rising social conflicts and public dissatisfaction, the Japanese government is catering for rightists to seek support and even stirring up nationalism. It has also cited the so-called "China threat" as an excuse for its beefing up military muscle.

The authorities are showing distorted attitudes toward historical issues, leading to bitter territorial feuds with neighboring countries. Cabinet members' visits to the shrine which honors Class-A war criminals also reflects their incorrect understanding of Japan's own militarism and history of aggression.

It is also striving amend its constitution so that Japan can possess "normal" armed forces with "normal rights" to wage war.

If such words and actions go unrestrained, the trend will pose a serious threat to the stability of East Asia.

World peace and the international order established after World War II will brook no damage. Japan should discard its illusion of regaining regional hegemony based on a correct evaluation of the situation in the modern world, which has been different from the early 20th century.

China is the world's second-largest economy, and the trend of peace, development and cooperation is prevailing in Asia. There will be no future for Japan if its government continues to deny and glorify militarism and challenge the results of World War II.

Without a sound and peaceful environment, the country will find its road of survival and development squeezed.

The open challenge on historical justice and human conscience by the right wing has triggered criticism from neighboring countries and the international community at large.

To win respect from the international community, Japan must face history squarely as German did and eliminate the genes of militarism and fascism. Otherwise, it will continue to be marginalized and isolated in the world.