Trending news across China on Sept 19

Updated: 2013-09-19 17:31


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Festival greeting

Trending news across China on Sept 19

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, we extend to you our very best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday. Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival when people will look up at the full silver moon, eat moon cakes and drink wine to celebrate their happy life, think of relatives and friends far from home and extend all of their festive greetings to them. Here, a group of creative photos from Sina Weibo portray the moon as a plaything for us on earth. This year the moon will be at its fullest at 19:13 today. Don't miss it!

Divorced diva responses to nun rumor

Faye Wong, the Chinese pop diva who shocked fans after announcing last Friday that she had divorced her second husband Li Yapeng, a former actor and now a businessman, broke her silence on Wednesday, denying rumors of her ex-husband's extramarital affairs and that she was planning to become a nun. Li also echoed the diva's tweet, saying he will love her forever. Their unexpected divorce triggered a heated guessing game on the Internet as to why the couple split.

Capital gridlock

Trending news across China on Sept 19

China's capital Beijing has to face its annual heaviest traffic congestion due to residents heading home and visiting their relatives as the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches. Beijing's traffic authorities said more traffic police had been dispatched to maintain the traffic order and motorbikes and helicopters have been used to tackle heavy traffic.

Nightmare of public bathing

A college freshman from Guangdong province in South China was shocked by the public bath house in his college in North China and wore a swimsuit for bathing. The story struck a chord with many students from southern China who get used to taking a bath in their home or in a private bathroom. In last century, due to a shortage in water supplies and cooler weather, people in northern China always went to a public bath house because they do not need to take a bath every day, while, in southern China, almost every house had its own bathroom.

Fee dodging

A photo of a tourist who drilled a hole into a sewer to dodge paying an entrance fee at a scenic spot in the ancient city of Xi'an in Northwest China was posted on the Internet. These evaders always dive into a hole outside the railings of the ancient city wall that is connected with another hole inside. This new "evasion skill" has aroused heated discussion among net-pals on uncivilized tourist behaviors.

Male sexual harassment victims

A survey made by a Chinese matchmaking website reports nearly half of 100,000 male office workers admit they have experienced sexual harassment at work at different levels, including double-entendres, obscene gestures, flashing, kissing, hugging and rape. According to the survey, their work covered the fields of marketing, law, finance, IT, media, civil service, human resources, private business and medical services. However, most of them choose to keep silent or leave their jobs instead of taking legal action against their attackers due to a fear of being misunderstood.

Sorry for Golden Rice

Tufts University in the United States apologized on Sept 18 for an experiment with genetically modified Golden Rice that involved 24 children from China's Hunan province in 2008. The US-China joint research project was conducted by Tang Guangwen, director of the Carotenoids and Health Laboratory of the university.

Glass human being

Li Shuai from Central China's Henan province, a "Glass Human Being," who can only move his mouth and head and is very vulnerable to fractures, defeated his hardships to become a student at a vocational college in the province's capital city Zhengzhou on Sept 16, his 22nd birthday. Before that, he even wrote an online novel with 270,000 Chinese characters and formed a band.

500-year-old turtle

Trending news across China on Sept 19

A giant snapping turtle was allegedly discovered when a local farmer was plowing through soil at the Shangwang village in Baofeng county of Henan province on Sept 15. The turtle is 45 cm long and 32 cm wide, and weighs 6 kg. It's estimated to be at least 500 years old ,according to experts.

Ding Junhui loses manner

China's snooker ace Ding Junhui subdued David Gilbert of Britain 5-2 at their first round match of the Shanghai Masters on Wednesday night. But what made Tuesday's headline is Ding's complaint over the buzzing crowd who he thought affected his game and made him miss the chance to complete a 147-break - along with a nearly 500,000 yuan ($81,700) bonus at the last frame.