Website launched to assist expat professionals

Updated: 2013-09-30 08:09

(China Daily)

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The State Foreign Experts Affairs Administration's English-language website (, which promises to be a helpful service platform for foreign professionals, went online on Sunday.

The website, co-designed with China Daily, presents six categories of information to help foreign experts in China, including two constantly updated sources, "Working in China" and "Living in China".

The first column introduces the country's policies and requirements regarding foreigners' working here and guides them through applications for visas, work permits and other certificates.

The latter offers practical information for living here and becoming immersed in China. That includes such things as explanations of the nation's customs and mores, food suggestions and recommendations of scenic spots to travel to. "Living in China" will also guide users through the processes of adopting children, accessing medical help and keeping pets.

A "Project" section will announce the country's latest plans and policies to attract foreign professionals.

There will also be channels through which foreign experts can voice concerns and propose new projects to the State Foreign Experts Affairs Administration.

"We want to help foreign experts here. We want them to have a better experience working and living in this country," Liu Yanguo, deputy director of the administration, said at the launch ceremony in Beijing on Sunday.

"The website will be our interactive online service platform that puts the latest news, policies and all the other information they need together," he said.

The website will also present life stories of expatriates and multimedia representations of news and other stories.

Sun Ye