Think tank report focuses on new reforms

Updated: 2013-10-29 23:31


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The Development Research Center of the State Council, a Chinese government think tank, has highlighted eight key reform areas in a report ahead of a key plenum of the Communist Party of China.

The goal of the country's next round of reform is constructing a dynamic, innovation-led, inclusive and orderly socialist market economy with rule of law, according to the report, published on the official website of the China Economic Times.

The new round of reform will improve China's market economy system, transform government functions and innovate the structure of enterprises, with the goal being “to properly handle the relationship between the government and the market”, the report said.

The government has made reform a priority to provide momentum for the country's growth and development, with comprehensive reforms expected to be outlined during the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in November.

The center's report details eight main reform areas, including monopoly industries, land, finance, tax and fiscal systems, opening-up, government administration and State-owned assets, as well as boosting innovation and green development.

The report suggests further increasing market access and promoting competition in key industries; including diversifying investment in the railway sector; easing access to exploring unconventional oil and gas; and relaxing restrictions for importing crude, refined oil and natural gas.

It also proposes reforming the electricity industry and its pricing plan, and reorganizing telecommunication enterprises.

The report offers advice on deepening land reform, with suggestions to allow collectively owned rural and State-owned land to enter the non-farmland market under necessary planning and regulations.

Reform of the financial system should be promoted, with its emphasis on lowering the threshold for entering the financial market and further liberalizing interest and exchange rates, the report said.

A new round of fiscal and tax reform should be initiated to strengthen fiscal stability and sustainability in the medium to long term, including improvements in the social insurance system, and local tax reforms featuring property taxes and consumption taxes.

The center's economists also propose to further open up the Chinese economy, introducing competitive investors and operators in sectors including energy, telecommunications and finance, and improving the business climate in China.

The development research center is a policy advisory organization for the central government.