China to launch its Chang'e-5 lunar probe

Updated: 2013-12-16 10:42


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China to launch its Chang'e-5 lunar probe

Yutu, China's first moon rover, is shown in this picture taken by lunar probe Chang'e 3's lander on Dec 15, 2013.[Photo / Xinhua]

China is scheduled to launch its Chang'e-5 lunar probe in 2017 and the mission will bring back samples collected from the moon, a senior scientist said Monday.

The third-phase project of China's lunar probe mission was established in 2011, and the country is smoothly moving along with its Chang'e-5 mission, according to information released from the State Council Information Office Monday morning.

China's first lunar rover and the lander took pictures of each other near mid-night on Sunday, marking the complete success of the country's Chang'e-3 lunar probe mission.