Illegal medical practices curbed

Updated: 2014-01-23 01:46


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BEIJING - China's National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) said on Wednesday that illegal medical practices have been contained after a three-month crack-down.

The NHFPC said on its website that awareness of laws applied to medical practitioners and institutions has been strengthened, while people's consciousness of boycotting illegal practices has increased.

In October, China launched a special campaign to crack down on this issue. Illegal clinics and family planning services, as well as doctors without medical qualifications, were major targets.

The campaign also focused on the illegality of embryo sex appraisal unless medically necessary, and of sex-selective termination of pregnancy. Hospital scalpers were also punished.

Chen Xiaohong, the NHFPC's vice minister, said the supervision responsibility of the health authority has increased a lot as various policies were put into effect to promote health services and encourage social organizations to operate hospitals.

He urged health departments at all levels to make further contributions.