Foreign woman detained for slapping boy, 6

Updated: 2014-02-07 11:30


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Foreign woman detained for slapping boy, 6

A screen grab of a weibo post on Feb 6 shows the six-year-old boy slapped by a foreign woman at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Airport police in Shanghai will punish a foreigner who slapped a young Chinese child with a 10-day detention and a fine, according to a post on Sina Weibo.

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau International Airport Branch wrote on its official Sina Weibo account on Friday that the boy pushed the woman's cart by accident while she was waiting for her luggage. She immediately slapped the boy's face. Airport police will punish her with 10-day administrative detention and a 500 yuan ($82) administrative penalty.

A post about the incident at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Thursday ignited heated discussion on the Chinese Twitter-like Sina Weibo recently.

A netizen wrote on her Weibo account that the female foreigner slapped the boy simply because he pushed her cart. A red mark can be clearly seen on the boy's face in a photo uploaded by the netizen. The foreigner said she would compensate the boy by offering him some money.

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