Single women urged stop of defaming Dongguan

Updated: 2014-02-19 14:35


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The recent media exposure about the sex trade in Dongguan has left many young unmarried women in Dongguan very worried, because rumors on the Internet gives people the impression that young women in Dongguan are likely to work as prostitutes, Yangcheng Evening Daily reported.

These women are calling for people to stop defaming the city they work.

Single women urged stop of defaming Dongguan

Judging Dongguan only on sex stings "not fair"

Single women urged stop of defaming Dongguan

Special: Aftermath of the crackdown
"We are still single. Such rumors may cause us big problems in dating," said a Sina Weibo user named "sleeping grasses"

Hu Xiaoli (alias), a 22-year-old woman working a star-level hotel in Dongguan, said she became angry after many of her former classmates suggested that she worked as prostitute in Dongguan because her workplace is much better than most of her classmates and earned much more money than her peers.

Her mother even called her to requir her to quit and had found another job for her. Now Hu is ready to resign from the hotel under the pressure.

Another woman, named Zhang Yun in alias, who also works in a company, felt weird as she was frequently asked whether she works in Donguan.

"What is wrong with working in Dongguan?" Zhang told a reporter of Yangcheng Evening Daily in Guangzhou city.

The pretty single lady from Central China's Hunan province was the chief financial officer of a factory in Dongguan, earning over 8,000 yuan a month.

After Spring Festival, Yang was arranged a blind date and schudeled to meet the man next month, but the man suddenly canceled the meet after the crackdown news spread across the country.

"Not all successful women count on their appearance," Yang argued.

Along with the normal female workers, factory directors also felt the backlash of the crackdown.

A director of a foreign-invested factory is worrying the loyalty of his female workers as he found a lot of women in the factory started to worry if they can smoothly marry, especially for some who has been promoted as a team leader with attrative payments due to years of contribution.

A thread initiated to correct the public's partial view on Dongguan has gain over 18,000 clicks and over 100 replies on, one of China's biggest online interactive community.

The thread reads that "Hi Dongguan, don't be afraid being mocked. Pleas tell him because of our hard work, we produce 20 percent of the world's electric products, because of our belief, we did destory all opium in China by burning.(in 19th century) and because of inclusion we attract tens of thousands of people to come here from other places."

An web users defended that it is unjust to ignore the city's other good sides by label it as "Sex Capital".