Trending: Extreme cold exercise

Updated: 2014-12-17 11:31


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Trending: Extreme cold exercise

A large patch of water hyacinths and garbage in Huangpu River, East China's Shanghai municipality, formed a garbage belt with the city's high-rise buildings as a backdrop, on Dec 16. [Photo/CFP]

Garbage belt exposed in Shanghai river

Ever wondered what lies beneath Shanghai's Huangpu river? Well, falling water levels in winter reveal it's not a pretty sight.

A large patch of water hyacinths and garbage was exposed on the bed of the Huangpu River at the Binjiang Avenue segment on Dec 16, reported on Wednesday.

Bottles, white styrofoam and water hyacinth formed a garbage belt against the backdrop of the city's high-rise buildings.

The water hyacinth, a native of the Amazon Basin, is a common-seen weed that chokes many of China's rivers.

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